MUST WATCH GC Talks Stock Market Crash, Gold, Real Estate & Cash

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Grant Cardone Talks Gold, Stocks and Cash. For one hour multi-millionaire Grant Cardone talks gold, stocks, cash, and investing on The Cardone Zone. This is a must watch show today.

If you are concerned about economic armageddon and what to do watch this show.

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Michael Paris says:

Hi Grant. Greetings from the Gold Coast mate. I'm a little late to the Cardone party. Love your stuff. Your views resonate with mine. The world especially here in Australia is just Polly Anna at the moment fuelled by irresponsible money printing. Well, when the patient is diabetic giving more sugar is a sure recipe for catastrophe. Someone mentioned in their comment that cash is trash………………….I disagree. When the world is in turmoil having at least 20-30 % of a portfolio in folding stuff leaves people well poised to mop up the bargains. Right now cash is king and focus is queen.

Isoldacar says:

Gold and silver stocks are hot right now.

222222e says:

I agree with this to some point, but the only reason I was going to buy a multi family quad is so I can live for free while stacking my money, and waiting to invest it. Am I stupid for thinking like this?

gschopp says:

Stock ticker, UVXY. If stock market crashes, it could go up 100%-1000%. Market has yet to see a crash since 2009, I'm keeping an eye on it just waiting

Kernal Chief says:

hii my name is Rico Knight from Barbados I watch your shows on youtube. I must say you videoes are addictive to natural hustlers like myself I just stared an online store an I must say constantly watching you shows helps me to rise to another level and as I continue to what your show I keep on reaching for greatness thank you Grant You The Man……….. Isell-Stuff-246

Daniel Grantham says:

grant you need to write a book on real estate, would be awesome.

dreamkev says:

Alright there uncle G! Shout out from the UK! As you all know we've had allot going on here and can't agree with you more about investing in yourself and being prepared.I wish I did earlier on but hey if it wasn't for me in learning about money two years ago, I would of got hit harder in the face! Thanks again for getting this truth out there!

Jerome Daughtrey says:

This was your best work.

Jordan Dekker says:

Grant. Get some gold and silver brother. It's just entered a bull market. It's been the safe haven for 5000 years. Where are people going to go? It's happening right now and it'll be too late

Jonny ROlts says:

Grant, what do you think about the crackdown on buy-to-let in the UK?

Chazz Man says:

Hi Grant love your stuff. I'm Andrius from Eastern Europe, Lithuania to be exact. I wonder have you had a chance to sell in Eastern Europe or in 'hard markets' where price is major concern. I'm in logistics business and it seems to me that the only thing than can sell here in Eastern Europe is low price also this trend is steadily creeping into rich markets like Germany and France.

So what is the option here. Do I have to become the lowest price seller or die, or something else ?

preprodigy says:

i love your content!! im broke as shit, i make less then 20k a year, i bust my ass on side jobs and making extra money anywhere i can. ive been hustling in internet marketin for longer then i care to admit with no true success. ive always wanted to make it online so that i can rol my profits into rental propertys. i wont lie that ive lost faith in internetmarketing or at least thoughs that i was learning from. ive just recently stumbled across your info and it has respark my desire to invest in multi unit rentals. my thing is i can save about 150-200 a week which isnt shit, i wanna know how to get my foot into the door on my first rental building and how to scale from there. your help and wisdom is more then appreciated!!

Digital Chris says:

Not only is Grant the master of sales and growing wealth, he is ALWAYS ahead of the curve with the latest platform and tech to spread his knowledge. Thank you for the content Grant!

Ron Kumar says:

Wheres the link to the show you go ask the bank for $1mil haha?

Ericka Williams says:

Houston area dropped like 25,000 oil jobs last Christmas. they are feeling it. north Dakota is full of empty apartments they built for oil workers. inflation Is real. I send out direct mailing to folks they are broke wanting to sell.. empty lots, smaller houses, and boats. gotta focus on stacking..seem stuck at lower flips. man you are fueling me up. gig economy is way up. $10-12 is the average wage in a bunch of places. becoming global.

Andy Burgess says:

thanks for taking time to respond!

Peter Olsen says:

Your money Grant should be in silver and gold…. it's wealth insurance…. ill take my money in an appreciating asset all day long…. cash is trash….

Alex Khitrenko says:

Content of your shows is amazing. Tremendously helpful. Inspirational, uplifting. People of this planet are lucky to have you. Thank you Sir.

Barrington White says:

Hey Grant I have 4 of your audiobooks; the 10x rule, If your not first your last, sell or be sold and the secrets of selling. I even have Dianetics the audiobook. You said your giving away copies of the play book to millions. How do I get one of those copies

Jesus Chucho Torres says:

when are you coming to CHICAGO

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