My 22-Year-Old Student Who Just Bought A McLaren

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Steven found me on Instagram when he liked my Lamborghini, now he’s made enough to get his own exotic car…learn more about Steven’s journey at and get in the chatroom to see his trades live every day and he’s also nice enough to actually answer questions all day long too (but please be respectful of his time!)


Sohail Zahid says:

Just applied for your Millionaire challenge. I started trading penny stocks with $2K and now iam at $30K. I mostly trade Sub penny and Triple zero stocks .001 – .0001 the true POS stocks..

Badr inas says:

Cars are always mentioned in ur "lessons"unbeleivable.

mel saint says:

The chinese in america are rich kids and the money definitely did not come from trading

Code says:

reupload w/o music pls cant hear shit

Code says:

Fucking legend

Mukesh s says:

Well done Steven Dux, great job with a lot of effort. You have great determination. You are my Mentor.


man.. I wanna do this but I don't think I'm smart enough. I'm terrible at math. and idk the first thing about stocks… Congrats Steven Dux! take care of that car! lol

Skiwi says:

So many butthurt people

Rich Rod says:

i wonder why my comment got deleted?

bronx187G says:

congratulations wish I could learn this but need a lot of money I guess to start it.

Robert Spencer says:

Congrats to Stephen!!!

Yang Lee says:

Really Awesome, Well done and Congrats Steve! I am working towards mine next 🙂

ykt2 says:

kid needs to hit the gym sometime

llewellyn booysen says:

Great job man wish you all of the best for the rest of your life and may it be more profittible than your pass. Keep up the good work. Will meet you one day over a cup of coffee. LOL 🙂

JustMeDee says:

Congrats Dux!!! Congrats Tim Skyes & team!!! I'm always impressed that Sykes students learn the importance of giving back.

Mosconi Oni says:

Great car, great headline, but absolute shitty video!!! Who the fuck put this together?!? Couldn't understand a damn word he said due to some retarded bells and music overshadowing his kitten voice!

TheCanadianRocket says:

What are good books you recommend to prepare me for trading stock?


That's awesome bro

luis bustillos says:

CONGRADULATIONS on your new car God bless you and keep it up, my dream is to have one of those cars too ill keep studying and learning from Tim Sykes 🙂 and you as well.

Nguyên says:

damn nice man, you will be a chicks magnet in college lol. I wished I had the same car back in college.

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