My AH HA Moment in Day Trading Crude Oil Futures

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My AH HA Moment in Day Trading Crude Oil

What is your “R” … Van Tharp called it on page 87 to page 88 … determine the amount of money you would call your 1R.

This was my first AH-HA … (ah ha) moment as a day trader … day trading in the crude oil futures market.

So … what was your AH-HA moment? And, more importantly, do you have a defined “R” – Risk per trade …

In other words … what is that PAIN threshold that you don’t want to go past!

Good Trading,

Dave Knight

P.S. More Day Trading Training to come throughout the rest of November and December on YouTube!!


Builderall U says:

Great video!

al karg says:

not to be difficult/critical but so what; you determined your personal "ah ha" moment. What next? What's revealed? Where do u go from there? Etc., etc. +David Knight

drewhart2 says:

I have this book. Excellent!

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