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Besides just the money, I LOVE being able to work from anywhere and give back to the communities I visit like here in Thailand and that’s why I dedicated my life to the program as I want more millionaire students who are free to live life on their own terms


robbiedef says:

Cool villa….all the girls though?…..a bit try hard…

T says:

Hahahah amazing video tim this made me laugh! How cheesy can you get, loved it!

kevin b says:

So many girls 🙂

yashnu says:

The charity coordinator was out of place 😛

Kevin T says:

Tim, meditation is good for you,
have you tried try it for a week?

Ricardo Amaya says:

Great job, Timothy.

Amjad Jamous says:

amazing place , butugly girls man , you can do better than that lol no days off !

Melo Drama says:

We need more vids like this tim

bwv1044 says:

01:23 that's Stifler from American Pie doing his Stifmeister thing.

Wanni M says:

Omg! Welcome to Bangkok!!

sorsorsor11 says:

God this video is f*cking epic! 😀

nebulae10 says:

I Like all your friends ha


U look good bro … u losing weight ….

iDIMi says:

What a joke..

Brandon Barbera says:

Yes Tim as Douchey and cool as this is, I want more please.

uri black says:

They are NOT Cheesey!!

Samy says:

Banging Your Cock In Bangkok huh?

tomar5e115 says:

Haha this video makes me cringe

Mr Omar says:

Did you break up with your model gf? Are you living the millionaire mentor single life now?

Shaun Hewett says:

Cheesy, yes lol. But I love it. I was smiling the entire video. 🙂

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