My Best Tip For Trading Penny Cannabis Stocks on The Rise

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In this video, I’m discussing the super-hot cannabis sector and how to take advantage of it.

I’m not interested in the legal issue. What I’m interested in are patterns. I love patterns, and weed stocks fit my patterns because they can go up exponentially in two, three, four days. They can also crash in a similar pattern. I look for that volatility on both sides.

Stocks like IGC and NBEV are great examples because stocks like these sometimes have great potential.

I think this will stay a hot sector, but my tip: Eventually, every sector will fail.

That’s why you need to study and prepare for the patterns. You need to learn when to sell and how to take profits on these exponential returns.

In the beginning, play it safe. Take singles. Don’t go for home runs. Patience is key. Even I tend to err on the side of caution. I don’t care if you sell too soon — I care if you sell too late. It’s a terrible thing to have unrealized profits.

What do you look for with exponential patterns? Comment below and let me know.


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Derrick Winston says:

Great info thumbs up!

Shad S. says:

Always valuable info from Tim!
We are making money because of your DVDs. Today and yesterday I stop myself from overtrading and I saved money and most importantly gained discipline. Specially after seeing how many people lost money from trying to force trades.

Samy Trader Junior says:

your background is so white. You're like integrated into the web page.

David says:

Great video. I started reading your book two days ago and found it very helpful.

Side note: #TLRY options went crazy today… 3,000% – 10,000% Gains

JJ K says:

Tims style on point for topic of discussion. Tim can i grab an oz purple cush?

Jes3monkey says:

he basically said nothing

Carolyn Tews says:

Thank you, Tim!!! you are great!

Sean C. says:

Applied for the challenge. Goal: Be his fastest millionaire. Been studying for 6 months now. So much to learn and watching every one of his videos

T R says:

Answer the questions or I am going to start calling some out!

T R says:

why not explain the repercussions on some of the selling sooner then the tax laws allow? What do you think?

NinjaMaster5OOO says:

Thanks again Tim!

Bitcoin Andy says:

Look for something shitty pumping 300% in a day, and buy 40% your portfolio at .5 fib and 60% at .382 fib. Quick bounces, booooom. Trade the 1 day out of the month it happens.

John Chaney says:

You could just buy a few shares of canopy and hold till US legalization.

King says:

Great video! On time right when another state legalized marijuana !

Kristofer Saly says:

Awesome video amigo! Thanks again for the reminder!

Green Market 420 says:

If canabis would have been legal in my area, I would have investes in it! ?

Labarron Kennedy says:

Awesome vid

haim suissa says:

Excellent information thank.

Robinhood Warrior says:

Very good advice. I'm up 50% past year trading pot stocks . I trade apha , cgc, acb, cronos….CGC is my favorite

Thomas Brian says:

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