My Biggest Loss in 2 Years and the Lessons YOU Need to Know

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Confession time: I broke my own rules and lost money on a trade. One bad trade can be a slippery slope. Learn from my mistake. Watch the full video NOW for a full breakdown of what went wrong.

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Trading isn’t just about your profits. It’s about improving all the time by continuing to learn.

That means you have to learn from your mistakes. I’ll even take the lead. I made a big mistake … and I want you to learn from it.

This is a tough lesson, and I’m not proud of myself. I made a mistake on a trade because I broke my own rules.

Even though I’m not proud of my mistake, I have to share it with you. I’m committed to being fully transparent. That means sharing not just my successes but my mistakes too.

Let me set the scene. I was feeling good … I’d had executed a good trade. It played out how I expected and I made about $2K.*

But here’s the thing … It wasn’t my usual setup. It was a midday trade — not when I usually trade. But it worked out, and that made me cocky. So I let myself believe that it could work again…

And I jumped into another trade.

I went against what I believe, and I got in trouble.

In the video, I’ll tell you exactly what went wrong … and how I dealt with it once I realized my mistake.

The silver lining: if you keep your positions small, your losses will be small, too. A loss on a penny stock trade is rarely the end of the world…

What’s key is how you handle it. If you can learn from the experience, you can find value in your losses.

You gotta know this: trading isn’t just about making money. It’s about building sustainable, smart habits that can help you to become consistent over days, weeks, months, and years.

Even if you’re making money right now, you could be doing it the wrong way and building bad habits. And that can cost you money in the long run. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Yep, this happens even to experienced traders. I got cocky from a trade where I broke my rules, and it was a slippery slope.

I have over 20 years of experience in trading … and I’m telling you how easy it is to break the rules. The consequences can be dire. Don’t let it happen to you!

What’s your most frustrating loss? How were you able to learn from it? Leave a comment!

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Timothy Sykes says:

What’s your most frustrating loss? How were you able to learn from it? Leave a comment!

darwin asimof says:

hey friend we all go through the simple reason we get the feeling of greed once you see 1000 you want 10,000 but in one we have to lose I have been traiding for 5 years and yesterday I lost 60% of my capital regards from Mexico

David Smith says:

Hi Tim still studying. Talking everything I learn over with friends that are interested in doing the same thing. Don't beat your self up over this everyone makes mistakes. 🙂

Delbert Flambouras says:

My most frustrating loss as of late is due to the same mistake. Being cocky and throwing out the rules I've learned from studying and your content. Went too big after a successful trade, on a setup that I would have known in any normal situation with my head on straight, to be too risky. I wanted a record score. Not only was I dead wrong, but I held it hoping for it to bounce. Now it sits in my account, reminding me every day what the rules are, and what happens when you break them. A bad trade can produce a GOOD loss, if a lesson is learned!

Kevin says:

what do you think about using charles schwab as a broker

uzernam3 says:

Dude, it happens even to the best traders. Ive been trading for 10 years and made great money but it still happens to me. I trade FX though lol which you dont like but overall it happens to traders in any market they trade.

kyle watts says:

Awesomeness yes…

Reuben Lincoln says:

I wiped out two weeks of consistent green gains in two days this week. 1 by not cutting losses quickly, and 2; trading with large positions. That pride is a killer, ripped me up to shreds. Discipline or die. 100

Tofan Hans says:

Made a mistake yesterday bought DSS @ .30 midday and brakeout to .37 happen but i got greedy wanted to sell @.40. Holded overnight the Stock tanked cut losses at .25!! Loss $99 bucks!

rrbuda67 says:

Man Tim thank you for this, I've been studying and paper trading for y months , been feeling confident to start with real money but I let my fear take over. This video is exactly what I needed to take action and open up my broker account. Gracias!!!!

farhad71414 says:

Post a video about cornovirus and the market?.

justin carl says:

I just did the same thing yesterday! Should have walked away.. but basically gave it all back. Fortunately I bought some CPE at 0.62 and the stock spiked during Trumps speech during power hour! Sold at 0.76.. $586 profit!!.. So many great lessons. Thank you for your knowledge Tim I value it immensely!!!!

SMWCEnjoirider says:

Slippery slope, no kidding. I broke just about every one of my rules yesterday, but thankfully got out and was able to break even after noticing what I was doing. Great video as always Tim, thanks!

Ever Cole says:

Earlier today I bought in to $CPRX at $3.05 then not even a minute later the big drop happened. I bought immediately because I saw that it had happened to all stocks So my average was 2.80 and luckily I got some profits still but I thought I was done for. Like literally my order processed and it dropped 40 cents.

Mat Wilson says:

Tim, you’re still young. You should just take most of your net worth and buy Bitcoin and Ripple XRP now that THE HERD is selling into the hands of the institutions from the Coronavirus scare. Say if your net worth is $20million… Just buy $10-$15 millions of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple XRP and I CAN ASSURE YOU — just as night follows day — the Whales will PUMP it all hard and fast with 1-3 years and you will be super rich!!! Just think how many more ORGIES you can have with a $50Million-$100million net worth. Your buddy Teeka Tiwari knows. Maybe you call him up and ask him what those secret 5 coins to $5 million are. CHA-CHING!! $$$$ Do it! I DARE YOU.

Cruz Santa says:

How to learn to cut the loss quickly?


Preoccupation With This Life Condemned
[57:20] Know that this worldly life is no more than play and games, and boasting among you, and hoarding of money and children. It is like abundant rain that produces plants and pleases the disbelievers. But then the plants turn into useless hay, and are blown away by the wind. In the Hereafter there is either severe retribution, or forgiveness from GOD and approval. This worldly life is no more than a temporary illusion.

Señor Bufo Alvarius says:

I learned a horrible lesson today which made me add a new rule: Never trade last 30 min before weekend close. My stock was halted 14 min before close. Now I am forced to hold and are completely powerless 🙁 I can only pray for a higher open and will consider myself lucky if I can make a small loss on monday.

Trading and Market Protips says:

Thanks for your transparency Tim. You are a good man.

Ellen says:

Can relate. Broke my rule not to trade after working 12 hour night shift (RN). So stupid… today OPK stupid move .. AIM overnight hold, from 3/9 so stupid..I just want to cash my account out! Swing trades , bag holds, just all of it. Take the loss and eat it… Every big gain I made this week is way gone… The Corona Virus stock have brought back my FOMO and I have many regrets today 🙁

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