My Favorite Island In The World

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I’ve been to the Maldives half a dozen times now, sometimes bringing students too, because I love it so much, go apply at if you want to learn how to be my next millionaire student who I will take here!


Selena Bostick says:

Forget the island. The fact that he's filming WHILE SWIMMING makes him look rich xD

taya-bida WTF says:

So I am not subscribed to penny stock silver or Tim alerts anymore just cuz I can't afford it. Blew my first account, finally managed to put a few hundred bucks again. I've been following/ watching scooping up any free material you give out since October of last year.Thanks for the free guide by the way. I got done with all 14 videos in 3 days. Idk but where I am from no one knows shit about trading but I ain't ever giving up! So Tim please don't stop giving free materials on YouTube. It all has been helping me on my journey, since there's no one here I can talk to about trading. I really appreciate your help even if you don't know it. I don't know how long it will take me to see six figures in my account but I do know I will see at least six figures in my account.

Carmit Clausen says:

amazing! enjoy! i just subscribed recently, what do you offer Timothy? and is it suitable for people who cannot take risks?(like single moms) does it require 24-7 work?

Raze No (Raze120) says:

I think the hardest part is finding the time to work stocks when you have a 9-5 full time job. If there is a plan to help with this situation, I'm all ears.

Raze No (Raze120) says:

I am there… Mentally.

CasMarks says:

Good waves there Tim. I'll trade some surf lessons for some trading lessons!

Brett Robbins says:

Impressed by his primary focus on money management. Great model for traders.

James Broome says:

I want to learn

Otby says:

A bit cloudy bro

Patrick Watters says:

Tim! You're a huge inspiration in my life man. Cannot wait until I become one of your challenge students; hopefully sometime next year. Thanks for keeping me motivated with videos like this! I really love what you're doing man, can't wait to meet you one day

mgmgdfful says:

Tim how much do I need to start? I really want to start trading

GeschiedenisMaster 007 says:

The Maldives is an island group not an island. There are roughly 1200 islands.

alexin andre says:

Amazing video!!! THNX for the motivation!!!


That is me.


Wonderful! I enjoy viewing all the views, and dream of exciting times ahead.

Top Ten Films says:

Hey Tim, I'm an Engineering student looking to start making a few trades with what money I have to get through school, I'm Canadian and have about $2000 to play with and I was wondering which broker you would recommend going with, Thanks

rgc chg says:

I can't wait…one day I will be there

Dakotah Afonso says:

Hey man I'm a senior in high school and I want to learn learn learn I have the heart for this any tips

Barry Monroe says:

Be careful Tim. Im a Huge fan and i heard that the Zika Virus been lurking there. We need you here my friend . Your our motivation.

Alby Gonzalez says:

I emailed you about joining the class .thanks for the help

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