My Favorite Online Stock Brokers to Use in 2019

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TITLE: My Favorite Online Stock Brokers to Use in 2019

It’s important to choose a good broker before you start trading. But with so many options, how do you know which broker to choose?

I use 2 different brokers. While neither of them are perfect, no broker is. They’re both safe, and safety is key — far too many people ignore the risks.

Some brokers have ridiculous fees they expect you to pay. Some aren’t stable enough and shut down. And offshore brokers offer incredible “advantages” to entice you but in reality are extremely dangerous.

That said, I wouldn’t go with a prop firm.I wouldn’t go with an offshore broker. I wouldn’t use startup brokers or those that are commission free. They might save you $5 or $10 on commissions but then you lose money due to lacking services and crappy executions.

I want to really emphasize this: There’s no such thing as a perfect broker.

You get what you pay for. If you want to cheap out on your broker, it can cost you more in the long run. Same goes if you cheap out on your education.

Everyone wants to take short cuts and save money — but you need to think about the future. Think about what will benefit you in the long run. Invest in YOURSELF.

The proper education, mentorship and resources can make all the difference. Your mindset and attitude also come into play. If you expect to attain success by cutting corners and cheaping out, I wish you luck.

What brokers have you looked into? Are you willing to invest in yourself and the proper resources? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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Timothy Sykes says:

Which brokers do you use?

christopher malpica says:

Enjoy this video

P Longo says:

Hey Tim, do you know what would be a good broker for someone living in Australia and I'm not a US citizan however I want ot trade US stocks and be able to set stop loss orders?

Caleb Smith says:

Yes Tim I do, I just started watching you and trading 2 months ago and thanks for the video. I'm going to be one of your great students in the next 12 month's, I'm just trying to save around 10 k to invest and stocks to trade fees and your chat room payments. I'll be around for a while. I won't give up til I learn everything you teach. I don't give a fuck! You're the man!

Arbys FF says:

Hello Timothy , my trading manager uses the ameritrade to implement my trades, since i started trading with her network its been successful withdrawals.

Richard Wolmann says:

Tim any thought on think or swim

The good old Days says:

I want the worse broker, so i can execute much slower and lose all my money…. (:.

zzzombiez says:

Thanks for the tip, Tim. – Mike in Coronado

Anthony Mendoza says:

How do I open up a penny stock account do I have to have a commission or can I obtain my self

Joshua drayton says:

What sup tim great video💪🏾💪🏾😎

Jayanth Ukwaththa says:

Do they open accounts for Canadians.

weksauce says:

What happened with SureTrader Tim?

Leinani says:

Thanks Tim!! I use Schwab.🤙🤙👍👍

Andra Vrincianu says:

Yes…I also ordered today The Complete PennyStock Course 🙌🏽 I really hope I ll become one of your challenge students, until then I m watching every video of yours !! 🙏🏽


still on think or swim. I'll be moving to ETRADE pro soon.

pratik shah says:

what about trade zero ?

John Appleseed says:

Any UK traders know good small account broker?

Jun 75 says:

IB never has shares available to short for the stocks you WANT to short.

sankeerth reddy says:

Is there any way that I can get in touch with you directly Tim? Email or skype? Im from India BTW

Liam Tanner says:

I started using ETRADE, just one that I trust. I won't cheap out, but I have to make money in order to invest it back into myself. I'll be sure to one day buy the dvd's, to get pro, to use all these services available to me once I am able to afford it. I definitely should study more, something I'll commit to more and more each passing day until I can just make it routine to study a few hours a day at the very least. I will be dedicated, I will be implementing the knowledge I learn, thank you Timothy for your incredible wisdom!

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