My Favorite Patterns For A Crashing Market

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This market crash is insane …

I’ve been warning about a bear market and a crash for the past few months. Most traders have not seen this type of market because we’ve been in a ten-year bull market. This is where experience benefits you.

Just because the market is dropping it doesn’t mean you can’t find success. The key — in this market — is finding the right place. Not the quality of the stocks; there are still stocks that are going up. You need to learn how to find and capitalize off them.

Two of my favorite patterns for trading in this market: dip buying morning panics and strong first green days.

Remember, you don’t need to find all the big winners — you only need one or two a day.

This is why I teach. I don’t want people to lose. I want to keep my students safe.

There are opportunities to make money while staying safe if you have the right mindset and training.

Study hard. Be prepared and trade safely. Don’t get obliterated.

Are you prepared? Do you have the right training? What patterns are you trading? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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Ted Bazett says:

Yes! Not sure if I'm ready to start trading again. Still studying though!

Tori Ann says:

First time trader. I bought puts on Amazon on Nov 31. It's been pretty wild.

4 Us TV says:

learning a lot, studying tradercheck list on part 12 now. sitting on the sidelines for now, but plan to be a student

Andrew Trapman says:

Yes allways something to trade in this Modern Era.Merry Christmas Tim

Future Wei says:

Isn't it best to sell the stocks? LOL

我看看妈丽 says:

Merry Christmas!

我看看妈丽 says:

Caren2trade Dec. 25, 2018 yes

Jose Garcia says:

keeping it real……………great education,pay attention

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth.

xy double helix says:

what are the advantages of trading a currency pair or a stock with large spreads?

DelPasand says:


Nick K says:

yes you trade the futures CFD's and short them hard.. S&P, Dow and Nasdaq, absolute beauties, same charts to keep track of everyday, no need to scan or look for new stocks

Jonathan Luhmann says:

yes, of course

John Smith says:

im still styuding im on ur 9th page of video lesons, saw some dvds, I dont think im gona make it,I m sving for 2 thousand dollars, I think im gona study till I die and not make it,does ur strateges work in australian stocks, do I hace to only buyamerican stocks, and be amwake druring american stocks time

John Smith says:

can u start next year on 2 thousand dollars

Brooke McGowan says:

Merry christmas! Got my challenge interview tomorrow. Still going through the videos, its christmas but no days off with training! The past webinars have me hooked, still need to learn some of the terms that keep popping up.

Pursuit of freedom says:

Yes. Inverse stocks, like the VIX, TVIX,VXX, and direction investments are moving up.

Deontia Andrews says:

Dip buy morning panic???

Jeremy Baldridge says:

Hey Tim great lesson I've been learning alot and I know you are gonna hate on me but I do use the Robinhood app to trade but it's all free money so that's why I do it I haven't made much but once my account is big enough I'll switch to stocks to trade

Sniper Trader says:

Head shot like a sniper ?

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