My Ferrari Is OK So I’m Giving You A Holiday Gift

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I had a Ferrari immobilizer issue, I’ll do video on what NOT to do when you own a Ferrari, for now go apply at to be my student to save on 2016 prices & get all the new educational features we’ll soon be unveiling!


MP says:

Nice Channukah present! Respect for my fellow Jew right here! Keep up the hard work

JJ Valez says:

It's a lot of work folks. Just now at break even mostly after a long haul and practice and education. Then you got the psychology. Like taking bad trades and staying in them. Then cutting good trades too soon. Seems simple, but it is not at times. I should be way ahead by now, but I also started learning and trading options. Huge learning curve on those. So, maybe give this Sykes guy a shot to learn faster, and specialize? Who knows? This guy has been around for years. On Fox News and many other news shows. Plus, he proves his record. Took a little money and turned it into a million a couple of times I think. I can see getting lucky once, but twice? …or more. I'm only writing this because I saw Tim on Youtube years ago, and he was the reason I started into my trading journey- so thanks for that Tim. Peace out. Prove it for yourself folks.

Tadej Topič says:

Amazing :)

HCT Nation says:

its pretty cool what knowledge can do

Ali Dahir says:

Tim I saw your video on insteragam I want tale time and challenged myself like you did being s students off yours is it all about the age

James Kolesnikovich says:

The Ferrari looks like a non-convertable in this vid vs. your instagram posts when it's opened. Amazing car Tim! You've definitely earned it.

OmAr LiVeS says:

I think I got what it takes, Tim. I have a BBA with a concentration in finance and I always wanted to learn about the stock market. And I swear I see you're unlike any other. I'm about to buy How to be a millionaire because that's a good starting point. Michael Fadalla. Remember that name.

KarizmaShockWave says:

Hey Tim, been waiting for some time now. Still haven't gotten a call. Could you help me out? I've been a little impatient. I really want this!!

benneyy1 says:

I don't understand I did the trading challenge and I still didn't get the interview thing

mogarbobac says:

Am i the only car guy on here? What was wrong with the Ferrari?

mjhm says:

My holiday gift to you: I raised my prices buy added features. Now go buy them so I can make more $ ??

121TheProject121 says:

I applied to your trading challenge! need to do these homework assignments now. Hope I make it

Ben Lin says:

Where can I get the trading challenge

ExclusiveCodContent says:

I'm confused he claims he has millionaire students (two who haven't even given out there name) which I guess I could understand they want there privacy but for others are there verified statements? Can someone link me if so? I honestly don't believe it until I see and the only thing I've been seeing so far is the cash tim flashes from the money he's made off students lmao

Hayden Hanlon says:

So as a first time trader only having done paper trades with very low position sizes, would you say IB is the best way to go? The commissions on Think Or Swim and Etrade are very annoying since I am trading such low position sizes and IB is only $1 per trade.

Victor TR says:

Love this guy, Wish i had money to trade, also i dont know how to

Hector Yanez says:

hey tim. Pops just loaned me $20,000 to start day trading. i was seeing what you think about these sotcks… ARRY, and ENPH! thanks

CoinHuntingDrew says:

I first thought these videos were to brag, but after learning and knowing what Tim does, it's not. It's true motivation.

Djvee nl says:

I want!!!!!!!

Jon Buelow says:

I've been setting up 5 interviews in the last week and a half and haven't gotten a call back yet. is there someone else I can contact?

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