My First Live Trading Video Of 2017

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I ended up making roughly $1,800 on this trade and nearly $10,000 in overall profits today, these live trading videos will ONLY be available to subscribers in the future, just wanted to give you a taste of one so you could see what they look like


Nick Martini says:

I'm a young college student and want to get into the daily trading, but have no clue where to start. Is there a place where I can ask some questions?

Blake Sab says:

thanks for making this available on YouTube.

Fit Now Ask How says:

THANK YOU for this TIM!!! ??

Kaarel Kuresoo says:

Thank you, Tim!

MyDeArmAsTeR1 says:

sickening upload tim. teach us your ways

Acee Vee says:

collaborate with the high wealth broker & STT TIM ! … that way it wouldnt be inefficient trading .

Carter Wilson says:

Somewhere between terrible and Ted Williams ??

Yes Sir says:

I just applied to be one of your millionaire students, now I'm just going through doing as much research as I can. I'm supposed to be up in 5 hrs but I can't sleep because of you and how excited I am about learning. I really hope you and your team choose me as a student. I won't let you, myself or my family down.

APEX_TV says:

please do more videos like this. very helpful!

Jon Jones says:

i'm 19 now and i've been following you for the past 2 years. With all that you have taught me I have paid off college for the next 2 years and I was able to buy my own car. Thanks for all you do.

MadMike says:

I was stalking this stock like a hawk waiting for its first red day just as you had. Unfortunately, work got in the way and I missed the play. On the other hand, I'm glad this pattern never goes away

Amirashkan Abedian says:

Is this your $5000 account or the $1M?

Jesse M says:

The UI is motivating

Jesse M says:

The stocks to trade software looks very clean

Dee Bask says:

who's mmid is arca?

Amy Ollomani says:

Does all the money from his website go to charity?

Nicolas Dykes says:

what a bought sgnl?

Domonick Williams says:

I am confused on how you made money with the stock going down.

Domonick Williams says:

Did you do put option for this stock. I am newbie.

brandon licht says:

Thank you, in advance, for posting this!

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