My First Loss This Year Trading Stocks | Investing 101

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Royce F says:

Great video. I've been making some mistakes which have led to me getting stuck is looser positions. This vid helps a lot!.
Thank you Ricky!

jaekastro says:

Thanks for everything you do and for making me believe that I can be a successful investor, the haters will come and take that as a trophy. That means you are doing good!

mezquitic says:

Can you stop saying hey google in all your videos? It's really annoying that my phone and my google home start listening

G Lac says:

The MACDTwoLines (12, 26, 9 Exponential), that's the TOS study name, crossed @5:25 in the premarket for the UPTREND and crossed again for the downtrend at around $13.83. @7:15 est, I've started using this in my trades and it's given me the tool to guide my patience when I get nervous. The crossovers work great but don't always give the big picture. Keep up the good work!

Chad Korros says:

Ricky, do you use cash or margin account?

Jeremy Childress says:

That’s why you grind it out and hold
Michael Norman has videos on this and he is right
He’s been in the show and is a huge somebody
I’m currently holding JDST and down a little could go lower but it has gone higher then what I paid for it
Over time the market will continue to grow and go up
Patience time is on our side as traders
Just have to be Patient and wait

chris kaasik says:

Hi is TD ameritrade only fr us citizens ?

Anthony Trujillo says:

lol same thing happened to me also

commentoria says:

Sorry this guy is injecting negativity but don't be bothered. Your status is secure. I've learned a lot from you and hope you don't get frustrated by the haters and take yourself offline because that would be a shame.

Steff says:

You cannot please everyone , don’t even try ! You do great work and inspire thousands of people around the world . Just be you . And thank you for it ! let the dogs bark cuz thats all they can do anyhow .

Buster Frysinger says:

Anyone else try to answer their phone?

Story of my life friend. Right decision, wrong choice! Thanks for sharing the red days. Makes me feel a little less dense!

MetalGear says:

My mistake today was not buying GUSH, it did almost 10% today.

David Quist says:

Need more interaction in the Techbook solutions facebook group. Only seen about 10 posts in the 4 days since i've joined. 4 of those were your videos. Not very much for 90K followers,Maybe tell mods to ease restrictions.

imthabullet85 says:

this week: stop loss triggered at 2.30 for $HMNY (dead cat bounce) pass $3… today, $PLSE stop loss triggered at todays low before the spike over 20% … learned from the mistakes

Catherine G says:

Thanks for all you help, Ricky!
Much love from Canada 😉

Cheech says:

I don't know if you're aware of this but you constantly refer to the 15 ema on the 180 chart as your 180 ema. Do you mean to say it that way?…because new traders trying to understand the ema's and sma's would find that really confusing. Please do a video, not just on the difference between ema & sma, but the relationship between the MA's and the time frames you plot them on. Thanks…Kay

MatrixParadise says:

Well, I took a loss today too. I started out the day at a good position. My stocks went up about 2% on average, which is good for me as a beginner. I could have walked away with my highest amount which is $85 for the day. Which is good for me having only $4k. But…I was so tired because I pulled an all nighter trying to research and line graph charts, that i fell asleep right through the high point of the day and woke up at market close and basically sold at where I started… That sucked *****. So, thanks for your videos.

Robert Whitehouse says:

I wouldn't waste time or money suing him, the owner of the website is like 16 years old lol

David Rosa says:

You sound so sad. I'm not used to this. Stop it

Jim Wheeler says:

How do i contact ricky

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