My First Time Trading Cannabis Stock Options…

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September 24, 2018: Today I tell a story of my first experience trading options on Cannabis stocks. I did well but thinking of how much I could have made is going to keep me up at night for a while…

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purposes only and should not be interpreted as stock advice. The strategy I’m adopting is incredibly risky and should not be copied unless you’re completely comfortable with the fact you could lose your entire portfolio within a week’s time. I’m not liable if you lose any money in the stock market based on information provided in these videos. Always do your own research and evaluate ways to reduce your risk, consulting a professional if necessary.


Crypto Pirate says:

Million yet?

Odd_Ali says:

Goooooooooootttttttttttt Dam that profit thoooo lol killed it

Dr. Jack Taylor says:

try cbdd! or hemp! the newest boom! take profits early!

Jithesh George says:

Which broker r u using

Tim's Financial Prosperity Videos says:

Better to sell early to lock in profits instead of too late and lose everything

R says:

J-dawg, what up, what's your take on the current market fiasco, you think it's cause for concern?

koreahnn says:

Why did you take the loss and sold cron? You could have kept it since it wouldn't expire for awhile

Danny Yoo says:

Hey, you got me into options as I started to follow you randomly. Guess I gotta thank youtube algos. Lol. Question: you ever think about making vertical spreads on your options? I mean smaller upside but you hedge your downside too. Just a thought.

Marc Cyr says:

This must be painful!!! even with the nice profits!!! Congrats by the way :o)

Luis Francis says:

Wow, Justin that's great! Good to see how well you're doing these days… I remember when you started this journey.

Positive Investing says:

What an insane roller coaster.. Props to whoever made it out with big gains on TLRY!

micky bang-bang says:

Been looking at TLRY myself just cant seem to pull the trigger …. almost 18k profit on TLRY thats pretty sweet well done bud

Michael Morris says:

Your pain!! I bough tlry at 34.00 and sold at 170!!! Bank. You needed to hold for 9 weeks

vidz says:

omg, i almost don't want to watch. i wish the best yolo trade on you, dude, so you can retire!

Thomas Leach says:

I feel your pain man! Who know TLRY was gonna have a move like that.. Such little float caused the extreme volatility that day. Keep trading on!

Dan Ochoa says:

TLRY hit $300 that day.


i just subbed because its an interesting topic and to be honest no one cares if you call it marijuana brother check my gaming channel and tell me if its looking good so far thanks

Stock Market Investing-Stock Market Trading says:

It happens as long as you have a profit it’s all good 🙂

Frank Syverson says:

Justin if you made a profit be happy . Most people don't. Tilray is currently trading under $100.

Joshua Dunbar says:

Ever since I started options trading I can't stop myself from selling after even a single day and seeing those 15-20% profits after a stock only goes up 1-2%. I can't fathom the amount of patience it takes to hold for more than a month.

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