My Free November 15th Webinar And The Best Weed Stocks And Earnings Winners

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Register at to access my free webinar on November 15th, it’ going to be SO useful..also if you’ve seen my free guide please leave your review here I want your honest feedback as it’ll help me in giving you more free chapters soon!


Makhwarand Khan says:

Your videos always keep motivating me!

TradingKid1998 says:

Tim? Are these recorded? 20% of your subscribers are either in Europe or in Asia. 8pm US time is fricking 2am in Europe and Israel!!!!!

Jaxson Smith says:

So I'm 17 years old. What's the minimum amount of money I could use to start trading. I've watched and studied your videos plus watched the free 11 hour video you put out. I want to get started trading asap.


Good post and sound advice.

NeverFail Gaming says:

I'm outside the US and have been studying your content for over 6 months and am looking to open an account who should i use im in australia :)

John Schmidt says:

As someone who cannot afford to apply for the trader challenge yet, I absolutely loved trader checklist and cannot wait for the next chapters. For now on to study more from your youtube lessons. I'm a Sophomore in college and my goal is to be a self-sufficient trader by the time I graduate. Thank you for your mentorship I will be a millionaire student one day I promise

Shaka says:

I know nothin about stocks unemployed and broke but i just want to thank you for your videos you dont get many views but you have millions and still humble wow what a blessing

Mukul Thakur says:

your patterns have worked perfectly all this year in cryptocurrency markets! I just joined your chatroom last week 🙂 You are the best legitimate guru and trader ever!!

T- Dubs says:

Are you going to post your free webinar? I have to work nights so I can't attend.

optic9 says:

Awesome video!

muneer alhadhrami says:

How much is the minimum i need in etrade

Chris Snyder says:

What's your opinion on Ameritrade/Thinkorswim? I opened an account with $50 just to have the real time data with paper trading.

FaZe Rain's R8 says:

What's a good stock trading software that's free?

Ansgar Donath says:

Ur crazy! Thanks for all the free stuff Tim! I will be joining your army soon, just getting exams over with…

ryank720 says:

Are these recorded? Stumbled upon your channel when I heard about penny trading a few days ago and would love to attend, but I have a med school exam on the 16th.

Lillian Okoye says:

This is so valuable and insanely useful. Thanks so much!

TrueBag PipeRock says:

dude knows the best stocks cuz he smokes tons and tons of weed like Tommy Chong and Snoop

Lillian Okoye says:

Which trading platform is the best for trading penny stocks?

〖ᗴᗪ〗Clan Offical says:

And also how u use the program

〖ᗴᗪ〗Clan Offical says:

Hi timothy if you reply it will be the best day ever so basically I commented before but I was wondering if u can do a tutorial on how to download ur trade program and what its called ect I am only 13 but I have been studying your videos now for over a year now please reply ?

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