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Busy, busy day all of a sudden with too many plays and potential plays, now I have 1 short-term trade and 2 long-term trades in my portfolio it’s important to have proper expectations as to how quickly stocks can or cannot move


arth457 says:

so annoying being in the UK having no access to this trading software.
so limited in the uk.. sucks

Justin Good says:

Tim who was pumping ESSI

pozionmynd says:

way better then alerts, really understood alot, people who want alerts just want to copy not really learn.

Dove ove says:

Each time I do not follow your guide I lose money.
I apply your guide to Uk stock exchange market.
Thank you for your videos and time you spend for other people too :)

Paul Schlie says:

Thanks for this live video. I better like it this way since I feel more ''right in the play'' than reviewing past trades where the whole chart is already revealed – not to mention its much better than receiving an alert to become a self sufficient trader. Please continue doing these live capturings. Gonna rewatch TraderChecklist a 2nd time just to be safe to get the most knowledge out of it and then continue HTMMs etc

Nic Shaw says:

This is great for learning, keep it up!!! :-)

NeverFail Gaming says:

In the end will Ren even drop or can it keep its gains?

khany2k says:

Thanks for the video. traderchecklist is the best video series you made thus far.

Tech Mane says:

Hey Tim, i watch every vid. Do you think MSTX is going to bounce a little, possibly a few cents?

Caleb DeMoss says:

Yeah hey tim this video was awesome. I'll be back on that penny stocking silver again shortly just so I can start to watch all these as they come out. Keep up the awesome work.

Kolton Freck says:

"Hey Tim Sykes here" on every video lol

Alex711 says:

The live videos will definitely help us with becoming more efficient, and not relying on anyone for trades. Thanks.

rofako akeme says:

WOW… This is one hell of a video. Thanks very much indeed.

william themens says:

is the chart you got on your screen a streaming quote??

william themens says:

TIM, what software do you use for trading??

moomomilk says:

Live trading vids are rlly good. They are way better.

dan waterhouse says:

hey tim what online penny stock brokers would you recomend for a beginner like myself with a small acount of around $750 (anyone who knows good brokers please answer)



Wessel Kersting says:

really like this type of video! more!! keep it up

Chris Patten-Walker says:

Prefer the videos watched the 11 hour guide

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