My Latest Live Trading Video, A Longer Term Trade

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Surprisingly, my longterm newsletter has been performing better than my short-term newsletters lately…I try different strategy and different time frames, here’s this trade where I made nearly $2,000 in a few days


kingjames del valle says:

Whats your broker man? Thanks

trkoby says:

Since you went long, now it's 100% guaranteed to crash. LOL

Xpresnvdy says:

i remember when $TBRA Went from the $20's to the $40's in one hour last week. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love studying.

Chuck Towers says:

This video makes so much sense. Thank you Tim.

Noah Jackson says:

Thank you!!!

Okx Jeanty says:

quick question.. when you bought at 5. 32 is that the level at which to market has to reach in order for your buy to go through or is that the current price level of the stoke. it has been on my mind for a while now
not sure if you have to predict the price level before proceeding
am currently studying from your 11 hours trader checklist for the second time and reading your edge funds book + your 4500 videos on your page before starting my silver membership and hopefully be your student!
Thank you!!

austin sanders says:

when you were buying RSYS on that dip, it was .01 from going unchanged on the day, close to going g-r, would you have cut your loss if it went red hypothetically, or would you have still used that close support range as your risk?

Chunky Father says:

amazing play

Surf says:

did you see RGSE today

Carlos Franco says:

super cool, looking to make my first trade tomorrow, got stockstotrade and pennystockingsilver today, i will finally have access to my money in my etrade account, exited but nervous cause of how the market has slowed, but adapting is the game, hopeing to make smart and educated decisions after several months of study and preperation

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