My Latest Live Trading Webinar To Start 2016

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My students get 2-4 of these webinars every week, go apply now as the cost of the Trading Challenge is going up in 2 weeks as we introduce a host of new features in 2016, apple now and lock in old 2015 prices…happy New Year!


Angel Popov says:

+Timothy Sykes Happy New Year,Tim and thank you for this webinar! It was very inspiring and personally helped me understand quite a few things! I was wondering where can we find the free 3 hour content of your Spikeability DVD? Or its for Challenge Students only? Thank you!

Vicks iris says:

Hi Tim,

how much do i need to start trading?

Enescu Steven says:

Tim , I tryed signing up for beeing a student but i fond out its not for free .. is that just me beeing sily ? :))

glacorful says:

any dutch students? what broker do you guys use? (welke broker gebruiken jullie voor penny stocks?)

Zane Hengsperger says:

What trading software do you use?

Fastdounut TV says:

This is good. You should post more live trades like this

Josue rodriguez says:

victor carrillo is a moron.

Gloire Aux FDP says:

Tim, what softoware do you use to record your screen?
i think it can be very helpful to record the screen while trading to watch the tape later and then learn from it.

James Enlow says:

Hey Tim, Thanks for the free vids, I was a member of your pennystocking silver but I had some financial issues come up. I am in the process of saving up enough to trade again. In the mean time I am studying up on your how to make millions dvd and all these youtube videos. Keep it up!!! Never stop teaching, I'll never stop learning

Julian Sol says:

Tim! im currently watching disc 7 of how to make millions. Its funny how you threw the rolex and the guy ran and picked it up. hahaha! Did he really keep it? LoL! I wanna have the same problem as you have. I wanna have fuckin rolex problems not telling me the right time. I am fuckin dedicating my life to this education that i have committed for the past month. Amazing work man.

TheVulcanTrader says:

Thx Mr Awesomer

Seon Ali says:

Thanks for the videos

Seon Ali says:

I want to get a dvd but my wife is very frugal and is not willing to take a chance. I also have not a clue on trading

ImDjMp3 says:

Love WTW. Oprah made me a lot of $$$.

Roland Parks says:

Tim.. Maybe getting out "way to soon" as you put it is really not "way too soon" Maybe ought to be the norm. If you have a winning strategy, then where you get out is "the exact exit point". It gets old that you always say that you get out way to soon and then come in with great profit statistics. Grant you they might be a "Tim´s exit" and a "other people´s exit" points, but quit acting like if you suck or something. Steady gains, cutting loses early, not taking dumb risks with the capital, those are sound practices. Promise man, no more "I cut looses way to soon" whining as if you were doing something wrong. Happy new year and good luck with the 12K you are going to trade with.. That is going to be hillarious, and a very nice gesture of you.

Surf says:

TIm I have been studying a ton lately but still can not find a way to actually find a stock. How do you find penny stocks yahoo finance? I have no idea how to. I did watch your video that was titled how to find them but I still dont really understand how to, please help thanks.

Kris Danielson says:

LOL "smack your head 42 times"

Kris Danielson says:

Tim what mic do you use snowball? Or just your MacBook mic???

Sanjay Mukhi says:

Thanks for the videos – can't afford the DVD yet – but want to learn – blew up my account in 2015 – so stopped in October. Have been on the sidelines, but want to start again and appreciate these. Saw the favorite broker video – will watch for updates. Happy New Year – wish you all the best

Thomas Nolan says:

Awesome video Tim, extremely helpful, love watching you while you make your trades, once I have the cash I'm signing up to Penny Stocking Silver

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