My New Ferrari

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In honor of unveiling my newest project & my newest student to pas $100,000 in profits (congrats Sofiane!) I decided to treat myself to a new Ferrari as a Chanukah present to myself…I hope to teach every last student of mine stock market and social media strategies so you can have this kind of exotic car money too!


Johnny seré says:

Amazing but do you know Mr. Sykes that there are a lot of poor people who don't can buy a Ferrari. I am not jalous and congratulations about your new car.

MegaNewportbeach says:

Also look at the comment about GBSN I made a couple days ago could've got it for four dollars on Monday and be out at six dollars congrats to anybody who did

MegaNewportbeach says:

I'm Chris from Long Island New York when I get my tax return I'm going to invest in some of Tim's programs I've done OK in the stock market but when I hit$1 million dollars in my portfolio!I'm going to punch myself in the nuts and throw my computer through the window! I had five grand tim I'd be your student just so you could witness that, hah ,fuck every day bosses time to make some real fucking money

LanceHardwood says:

tim. are there any requirements for the companies i trade. like low debt levels or that kinda stuff. im just starting out and bought one of ur discs

filip doggy says:

on which trading sites do you trade penny stocks? btw i think of buying your strategy but i don't know where to trade once i learn how to trade

Sami K says:

Fantastic ! Congratulations !!!

Tyler Smith says:

Hey Timothy, I am currently 14 and wanting to learn how to trade stocks. I am using a stock trading trainer to but still do.not fully understand everything. Is there a video that will show me everything I need to know?

Oguzhan Ercüment says:

What do you think about Hemp inc ?

Richard Stewart says:

that is a very sweet car Tim

INNO222 says:

Congratulations! Enjoy it in great health.

Ray Waites Jr says:

@Timothy Sykes just recently applied for your traders challenge. Reading chapters 6 as we speak. Still waiting on more emails regarding trading homework, additional information, and etc… Hope to here from you soon. Keep living life and enjoy the haters!

KayvanChan says:

So this would be the answer to the new question…What's inside the Drawer??!! Not the money anymore…the key's for the new Ferrari!!

Amazing :)

David Ferri says:

That's Excell auto group right

DanishBeerpong says:

Don't trust anyone who pays 350,000$ for a 458 spider. He just Got ripped off badly

Michael Wilson says:

I would be contempt with just making a better life for my children but congradulations Timothy you work hard for it you deserve it

diax14 says:

Awesome! Make a longer video.

3brewster says:

Hell yeah Tim !!

JKJUNIOR95 says:

I wish the video was longer

Nauman Khan says:

Congrats Tim, must be nice to drop such cash.

Feltsvinet says:

What makes this and things like Infinite Prosperity so unreliable is the enormous amount of time spent showing off instead of talking about the way to the success..

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