My New McLaren 650s Spider Delivery At My Conference Yesterday

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I’ll do anything to inspire my students to study hard in order to become my next millionaire student so I just bought a McLaren 650s Spider and got it delivered during my annual conference yesterday and I think they got the message, what do you think!?


Cool Jack says:

Yeah that's a badazz car??


Fucker ????????

Trading Gamer says:

The man inspires and awes the crowd by literally having a supercar dropped off! Impressive.

Matthew Bendorf says:

I love that fact that you brought it out to show everyone that this anything is possible!

Anthony Garland says:

Here's an awesome way to motivate students. Don't charge them hundreds and hundreds to thousands of dollars for DVDs and seminars when you could easily cut the prices down to a small fraction and still make a very good profit. Or better yet, find people that truly want to take your classes that would take them over a year to save up JUST for your material and even longer the minimum amount if capitol suggested to get started in the first place not counting subscription fees for all the programs or brokers you recommend and instead of just saying "save up", you pay for or give them a free DVD lesson set. I know you have bundle after bundle of lessons for specific things. And with how much those cost along with the insane conference prices I know it wouldn't even put a dent in your net worth in the slightest.

For example: say someone only got $3k per month from medical retirement pay and is unable to work and after all bills and food and gas were all paid for you had maybe $200-300 dollars to last the rest of the month to hopefully cover the random bs that seems to happen a lot, seeing as you only get paid on the 1st and that's it. And the $200-300 isn't guaranteed that something random like a car repair, Dr visit, or whatever wouldn't come up and you'd be lucky to end the month with anything over 0. Maybe $30-50+/-. Do you realize how long it would take to save for just 1 of YOUR f#*king DVD sets? How much longer do you think it would take to just have the approximate $2,000-3,000 suggested minimum funds to start trading with? I'm not saying it's impossible, but when people in those situations are patronized over and over again bc all we're told to do is save up while we see a bunch of teenagers or young adults still either living with mommy and daddy or getting well funded by mommy and daddy to help them easily pay for things we hear, "Well yeah I do care, but only if you're willing to pay obscene amounts of money while I will at the same time claim to want to be able to tell/teach "EVERYBODY" how to become successful", and it all comes off as disingenuous lip service to entice us to buy more of YOUR material before getting into the market ourselves? Or when I even try to tell others about it they scoff and say how much of a scam it is. Especially when I tell them how much one DVD lesson set is. The biggest response I get is, "well if what he teaches really can do what he claims and claims to be a multimillionare already just bc of it, then why would his dvds and seminars cost SO MUCH money? Nobody that has that much money and can continue to make even more with their trading "secrets" would make it really hard for those who barely have money to do what he does."

If I had an almost foolproof way that statistically showed to work again and again I'd do everything in my power to get it out to the public for free to hopefully in some way address or diminish many issues our country faces when it comes to the economy, finances, debt, unemployment, healthcare and much much more.

Sunday 선데이 says:

If tims this tall then gritanni must be a giant

Nathan Ruiz says:

"Jewclaren "

Dave Dunne says:

Amazes me to read comments saying you should have gotten this car or that car. You got a stunning car and these guys probably ride the bus. Strange.

Dave Dunne says:

Beautiful car

James Broome says:

This was great to witness
Awesome day

Laftiko Laf Tah Fx says:

congrats Tim

NeverFail Gaming says:

Dang another one to go with the jewrari

Beto says:

Buy an Embraer Private Jet, Lineage 1000E. Just U$ 53.000.000,00

Matt Barger says:

LOL Nice license plate!!

fares belhouchi says:

WOW , a really good supercar with an amazing color

ItzBladee says:

Congrats man. I'm 15 and I want to be in the same position as you. Your like an idol to me. Thanks for giving me motivation to work harder everyday. Sexy car btw!!

Big Zulu says:

Motto of the video – work your ass off and go live the dream !! 😀

Adam Peidlow says:

Like a BAWSE‼️

Warfield RJ says:

Hello, Tim.
Can you describe your opinion about cryptocurrency trading right now, please ?

Skylar Wieber says:

Your taste in cars have improved, stay away from the mainstream Lamborghini and Ferrari, BE different! I love it

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