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Today we talk Great Cardone, Timothy Sykes and Valuetainment!
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Financial Education Channel


Financial Education says:

Sunday June 18th… Very Special video coming out. be ready

Aero Johnson says:

a Teacher told me in the Uni that a person who uses frequently the preposition "Like" within his words – has a Poor Vocabulary – In general this is the type of Vacabulary used by Teenagers before they Choose between a College or Uni – also the Pacing in expressing some thoughts goes Out of Sync many times as to making an analysis.

ℛɛᴛʀᴏ ℛɛᴅ says:

I play Money Race 2. It really gets me in the mindset of always achieving higher financial goals. Money is just a game. You fail, just press the restart button and grid those points.

Andy Panda says:

Cardone gives me such a bad vibe and is confusing, he says he saved up to a million bucks before investing but in another vid says "don't save, I don't even care if you save money" wtf? lol

Gateway 17 says:

Great video!!

jaisun lyons says:

Valuetainment ???? it's definitely not only a great tool to have this channel but to work with Patrick Personal as well! Thank you for this review

Sabir Zouhir says:

valuetainment is the best especially for startup business. and the motivation videos they're making are just so good

William Luu says:

yo homie you got instagram

Nebderf 350zHR says:

I respect your opinion on tim. He changed my life though, I'm on my way to financial freedom. Heck, met a new friend today who trades forex, we dont understand each other but we each respect we're both making money through finance. I think it's great how Finance as a profession has many ways to make the money you want the way you want.

G3NEius says:

I was about to flame you for talking about Tim Sykes but you chose your words carefully. Good day sir.

Jnxzify says:

Valuetainment always watch him !!!

Edison says:

There is day trade, swing trade, and stock investing..I am pretty sure most people fail in day trade . You do swing trade right?

Edison says:

Thanks a lot for this Video.

DemiseMusic&Entertainment says:

Grant Cardone is cool. Patrick Bet-David is AMAZING!!! Love that channel.


Wrong is 90 percent fail and fail due to risk management just as 90 percent fail in business

Simple Studio says:

Will you ever shave your stache? I feel like it would make you look better but it could also make you stand out a lot less.

This is says:

grant cardone owns his jet. you cant have your name and brand painted on a chartered jet.

Fadi Abouabsi says:

practice makes perfect, just because people say 95% fail out of 7.5 billiob people thats still a few hundred million who can do it lol

Fadi Abouabsi says:

timothy sykes sucks lol

Ashfaq Sheikh says:

Thanks for a sober and balanced analysis. Tim Sykes is an amazing and tireless self-promoter. Many folks have said that he makes more money from selling his courses etc than from trading.

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