My Passing 1 Million Instagram Followers & My Promise Now

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Thanks to all 1+ million of you who follow me at I promise to ALWAYS post inspirational content along with practicing what I preach, studying hard, living life to the fullest and giving back to those less fortunate too!


Pedro Peralta Jr. says:

Congrats man!!!!! Glad to be part of the million ?

Farentino Knowles says:

Congrats Tim, you're a real inspiration!

Truck Driving Deva says:

So nice.helping houston

Liia London says:

God bless you. You're a good man. You have been such an inspiration to me. Can't wait to be one of your students. My soul feels good about this.
P.s. Also a fan of Game of Thrones lol

jamoy grant says:

This video is so inspiring and motivating good work as usual tim ?

Noah Jackson says:

Congratulations! Thank you!

Jedi G. says:

Great message.

Derrick Shine says:

Your Awesome Tim!!

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