My Penny Stock Story Part 1

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slikdarelic says:

i love this story.. bcuz i got the same skeptical people around me.. u gotta become livin proof fam.. bcuz they will have their hand out in the future… good luck!

millionair to be says: please inbox me I'd like to get into stocks

Dexter Snell says:

thanks, Very encouraging

Stock Stats says:

$BIEI claiming to have possible cure for cancer I call it a pump and dump starting Monday or so! get into $BIEI stock while its cheap.

mritubevids says:

This sounds exactly like my story

Behnam R says:

try it again mate….goood stuffff…How much did u pay per pack??

William Register says:

Great story, I am about to get in to this.

Josh Millhollan says:

so you wasn't actually going to look for a job, u was just asking folks while you was chilling at the house lol

G Dunbar says:

%6000 in 2 days…? that cant be right at all

AD NYC says:

The Fact a young Black american is sharing a story about Stocks! is great in its own. 

BackCountryBrdr says:

Awesome video. I share the same frustration of having family and friends that aren't interested at all. How can you not be interested in free money!?!?! Anyway, if you find out how to convince people to invest, please let me know.

Hunter X Hunter says:

Great video. Now about the fact that it took you 2 years to find a job….that's new to me, UNLESS you have a criminal record or you're not an american citizen. if the reason for this is neither, then maybe its how you handle the interviews? now i can see you have a limited vocabulary which is fine but you have to expand your vocabulary and try to pronounce words at the very least clearly and when you talk, give off a motivated vibe to you. Now idk if this hair is new but long hair and beards show to people that you dont take care of yourself(not remotely true) but thats the stereotype so if finding a job is hard for you, might one to focus on these things. I know a job isn't really something anyone wants to fucking do but think of it as a short term thing just to get started with your real goals in life( stock trading) and just quit it after you're in a position where you CAN quit and at max bet 50% of your money into stocks AT MAX for the time being that is.. if you get really good later on then you will probably know what to do all on your own. I see potential in you, you seem to have a calm and collective mind and that's a very important trait to have in trading stocks. Good luck

beanseller says:

Holy Fuck! I cant even listen to this…. lol . Maybe get a GED or something before you start talking about the stock market!

Michael Barsegyan says:

Took 2 years to get a job?

kingkukujiao says:

nigga we made it

TheManMind951 says:

Preciate this info! Keep doing what you do…most OTC people will just pump and be sleazy, but you didn't mention a position and just gave needed facts and info. Thanks for the videos. Very helpful and needed

Ryan N says:

Bootlet background lol

puffin4you says:

What is with your camera? It's like your camera is on drugs hahah

Josh Ruppert says:

I just called Scottrade and to open an account the minimum requirement is $2,500. Not sure how you open one with that amount? Please share

Mik Monroe says:

Thanks for sharing..I'm most definitely interested in this

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