My Penny Stocks Conference at MIT

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Steven Dux says:

I will never ask for your financial information, I don't manage accounts. If there's anyone trying to pretend they are me, please report. The only official site is
Please be careful and don't get scammed. AGAIN, I DO NOT manage ANY type of account and I would NOT ask for any type of investment funds.

Pepper K says:

I bought his DVD and did not understand anything from his poor english, i wish i can get refund 🙁 contact me if you wanna buy it. ill give it to you cheaper than what he is charging now.

KC Consciousness says:

I can I shadow you, do you have something where you teach us how to trade, terms, etc? Not just watch a video. This is the best way to learn!

John Tumpich says:

Not impressed. There are much better DayTraders than this guy. And he has one of the worst chatrooms for Traders. Don't waste your time or money on him.

Mustafa Baris says:

Amazing bro 😉.. However , what’s even more amazing is that not a single word of mention on the douchebag, scammer , the ultimate disgrace to the trading community named Tim Sykes .. Wasn’t he the one who taught Dux how to trade ? If Dux was his student , don’t you think that he would mention Tim in his presentation to show him his gratefulness ? ? What a joke Tim is …

B Brown says:

Awesome video!

Cindy D says:

Awesome! I learnt a lot!

Gucci LightYear says:

Modern day warren Buffett

nishith pankaj yadav says:

Can u suggest me basic book for technical analysis?

Ricky Ricardo says:

hey Steven how did you increase your share size when you first started?


hello Dux. i use thinkorswim but no let me shorting…what broker I can use for shorting stocks?

Krogzax Ants says:

Thank you very much Steven!

pedro pablo says:

Gracias viejo Steven,que facil lo haces ver

Kęstutis Burba says:

Nice! In future you can use laser beam to show people exactly on chart. With hand is hard to do 😉

Brendon Shurtleff says:

Don't disrespect the great Dux

koolyo2foots says:

No hate just a word of advice. Make sure someone proofread your slides before presenting. There were a few spelling errors.

Miguel Kruste says:

Steven its a great guy !!!!

hami lee says:

Awesome! Very Informative! How long did you study penny stocking before you start real trading?

Jon Snow says:

There is a saying on Wall Street: When the Bull is controlling the market it’s taking the stair going UP but when the Bear 🐻 controlling the market, it’s taken the elevator going DOWN fast. That’s Steven Dux strategy 🥖 bread and butter, and that’s where the black hole in the market stand unless YOU Master the art of short selling and soon you’ll see millions in your bank account…No B.S and you’ll find out all retail trader multimillionaire are all Only expert in Shorting Stock and suck at dip/long. So what’s your bread and butter strategy?

Shannon Terill says:

With my experience in trading Forex/binary option and stocks the best is to seek for a good Broker/ Account Manager first who will be monitoring and giving you directions on the prospects of the Market to do the right thing at the right, honestly Frank Robert gives me the right tracks of trading with his awesome strategy ever since 5 years trading with him and following his instructions my winning is always sure with 55k every month; i always praise him for his sincerity towards me.

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