My Presentation from Timothy Sykes 3rd Annual Las Vegas Pennystocking Seminar

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Great thoughts, interesting perspective. A different perspective. We all have our own style.

Sarah Rabot says:

thank you~ great job

bunkerbuster says:

haha he was doing great for 12 minutes

Sumros Giri says:

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айжан каирбекова says:

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plantsinspace says:

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chondojsr says:

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jazzplayer9 says:

12:00 good advice there!

Michael Goode says:

Shorting against the box is what it was called back in the day, back before the wash sale rules. So you could short against a long to hedge a position (effectively selling the stock) while not having to realize capital gains.

Alex Charles says:

O shut the Fuck up…

Timothy Bohen says:

@tbohen thanks!

project10bball says:

what's ur twitter handle tim?

SasquatchBobby says:

You're 100% On the Money! Sykes will get his in the end. All of that Bad Karma will catch up to him. He can laugh now at all the folks that have figured him out, but he'll have to pay back the piper. # things will happen to ole Timmy. He'll end up 1) Dead, 2) Prison, 3) Broke. More than likely, he'll end up in Prison and get out and live with his mother joining the ranks of that 47% of Obama Voters; mooching from us hard-working taxpayers! he's a real scumbag!

SasquatchBobby says:

Man, you are so full of shit. You should listen to yourself. You saying absolutely Nothing! You sound like Sykes. He's a 100% Scumbag. He'd sell his own mother if he was offered the right price! So, how much did Sykes offer U for throwing out his name. I could tell from the Crowd that people are finally starting to realize that he is nothing more than a "Pump and Dump Whore!" He never turned anything into millions. He's a Shame to his family name and the Jewish People. What happened to him!

Erika Sanchez says:

Why does this man constantly use the "F" word? Is it really necessary? I hope those people did not pay money to see him, I would be upset. Oh no, and now he puts it in writing. Not cool!

The One That Calls Hacks On Everyone says:

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Timothy Bohen says:

I know, I know, cut me some slack, I did that slide deck at like 5AM the day of the presentation, many people have called me out on that typo!

Timothy Bohen says:

@nickb1121 Hmm "shorting against the box" that term does not ring a bell, but just because I don't know what it is doesn't mean it does not exist.

But do you mean "boxing a short" if so I could help, that is a technique I'm familiar with, though I could explain it to you, I think its a foolhardy technique.

Let me know.

Nick Barnett says:

Can someone explain to me the purpose of shorting against the box? All I find on google are references to the loophole which was closed in 1997. No other legit explanation can I find of it.

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