My Steve Harvey Show Interview With 2 Of My Top Students

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What an honor it was for me to appear on The Steve Harvey Show along with 2 of my top Trading Challenge students…right up there with my interview here with another media legend it’s been an incredible past few years since I began teaching & focusing more on my charity!


Sidney Johnson says:

Great job Tim! Had I not been laid off from my 80k a year job back in 2012 I would have definitely hit at least $500k!!! :/
It took me 14 months to find where I am now and I make only 30k now…ughhh…but I'm starting to get myself back into it (even with much less)…thanks for the inspiration!

TeenageMillionaire says:

Tim, I think you're a better at marketing yourself & product than being a trader lol

aslkfja says:

What pair of monitors do you have on your desk?

Justin Block says:

Tim i have been following you for years and have just finally bought pennystocking part 1 last month and will be purchasing pennystocking part deux this month. just wanted to let you know im so greatful for you and so is my best friend i love your lessons and have been saving for a year to trade ($2000) but just wanted to let you know i am soooo damn focused on learning from everything you have taught. But i am wondering how can i ease my fiance (whom i have a son with) as i will be trading soon after learning more during pennystocking part deux and also getting my taxes back with extra money to trade? she thinks pretty negatively about alot of things (scepticism) how do i explain that things will be fine even if i lose as i will obviously trade safe as hell and always cut my losses short immediately as i am learning from the best. She is very worried even though i have been following you for about 8 years.

Aaron Truth says:

OHH he called Michael Ivan and Ivan Michael.. LOL

John Hard says:

Hi from Moscow. Nice schow. Thanks )) lol

Aaron Truth says:

Steve Harvey said .."7 figures or more" no he should have said 6 figures or more.

Hossain Salimi says:

Fuck your energy motivates me!

pitchcontrol1200 says:

Great interview!!!

PeteNinjaFocus says:

awesome. great interview. Love the attitude and your teaching.

Bmd Pros says:

Tim Sykes is absolutely the best teacher I've had and someone who keeps me motivated when having a tough time trading. I made a lot of fast money trading but lost more than 50% as fast. I thought I had everything under control by doing the majority of learning by my self. Absolutely a bad move on my end, but I did not know I lacked valuable information to be successful in this business. Rookie mistakes… Now I have to save up money again so this time I actually can purchase his formula to success – his video lessons and possibly the honor to become one of his challenge students.

Tim Sykes is no joke! He's passionate to make those who are hungry and dedicated rich if one is hungry enough to study his successes and mistakes. I found my calling and this is all I strive to master.

Truly inspired!

Jagg Sandhu says:

Next time you go on this show, I'll be there right next to you. I guarantee it.

John Medlock (DarkDork) says:

You look buff af in this interview.

Josue Hernandez says:

Love watching Steve's interviews and love what you guys are doing but this has to be one of the best motivation-driving interviews. Money might not buy happiness but it will open the doors that will help you find it! Thanks and good job!

uninhausen says:

where´s the confusion?

NWesh says:

I read your book (an american hedgefund) and it has more discouraged me than motivated me cause you said that in a few months only, you doubled your account, and i did exactly the opposite lol, even with following your strategy.
so i'm starting to think that i have a big problem. I ve bought 2 dvds ans still, im losing money. i'm really motivated, like spending hours watching your videos.
What's wrong with me?

Vignesh Narayanan says:

which software do you use  for trading??……I am from india and I am really interested in learning how to trade penny stocks….

Prabin Gurung says:

Any discount on Pennystocking Silver subscription?

Bronson Walker says:

Solid. I think you almost made Steve Harvey tear up.

don futura says:

Find your Purpose and the $$$ will come.

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