My Strategy for Trading Penny Stocks: Screener + Charts!

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Ali Abbas says:

what do the hammered out candlesticks mean?

Raymond Quiñones says:

That's the way to teach

Oz Hunting says:

App Tradez Where have you been all my life dude! Thank you for this, it is so helpful. Can you make a video talking about how you go about deciding how many shares to buy if your starting with about $1500 and what returns your usually looking for in a week of trading? Thanks that would be cool of you but keep it original the way you are making these videos is very good i want to learn how you go about making these decisions. You speak at a good pace and your very understandable when you speak. This is excellent thank you so much!

Derp Loud says:

Thanks man, this is the kind of instruction i am looking for to fid a good good stock to make $. thank you!!!!!!

Jon M says:

Thank you for the great video. Very straight forward. The was I like it.

Johnny Purpsmoker says:

thanks for making this video I have been looking for videos that explain charged in a way I can understand lots of people just kind of rush through the videos not explaining what everything is thank you again I subscribe and like the video and will be watching more of your Channel keep posting please

Fishing Is Life says:

hi question, trying to dig deeper into reasonings when making decisions. the first stock you looked at, ATRS, was on march 29th, i just looked back now (today is april 11th), looks like the stock jumped up 20 cents to almost $3.00 within a week. wondering what your thought process was in not buying? what weighs in more, the MACD, the RSI?

Psych says:

I'm just curious, what turned you off so fast from AXAS? The overall pattern was down but it looked like it was beginning to increase again. Just asking to get a better feel for what you are looking for.

Andy Lu says:

What exactly are you looking for or avoiding in the charts preview? Also what's your take on position size?

ELDAWG E says:

thanks for the info bro

paco yabar says:

hey, I was wondering how much % you are taxed for every profit you make? thanks!

Andy Lu says:

Extremely, extremely helpful video! Cannot thank you enough!

Alex Ford says:

AppTradez how do u deposit the money from your penny stocks can u make a small vid or explain it to me

Alex Ford says:

Hey how do make profit out of your penny stocks like do u set a limit for anything

Donald James Oliva says:

Instant thumbs up for hearing tribe in the background. electric relaxation

gorgeous gangster says:

I made a small gain on Tops this week I need to learn how to short

Meows_slimes says:

How much volatility should a stock have for u to trade??

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