My Student Roland Who Turned $4,000 Into $170,000 In 7 Months

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Learn more about Roland at and visit to apply to become my next six or seven-figure student, see more examples like and and it all depends on how hard you study so how dedicated of a student will you be?


Trade stocks or die trying says:

I actually went on profitly and looked at all of Roland's trades every last one of them and looked at what was the news that day where he got in , where he sold and why. I also looked at the losers to. U talking about studying it took me a couple hours to do this. I did all this when I finished watching disk 5 of htmm. I seen the whole DVD already so therefore I don't watch it straight through. I'm studying my ass off

Cesar Borrego says:

Congratulations Roland! I'm studying every day!!! Thanks for sharing this video Tim!

sergiu robert says:

someone who knows what is talking, please explain me why is it bad that he risked all his 4 000$.. i'm new in this thing and when i will be ready to trade real money (not just virtual) why not take a position with all of my money ?- let's say 5.000$ (wich i am prepered to lose it in the first place-just so i learn from them) . i'm not greedy but what''s wrong with that? stop loss at 4-5..% and take profit at same positive value?…or in another word why is risky to take a possition with all of your money if you have a stop loss? thank you

James Bond says:

Tim, I saw u on the Steve Harvey and know I'm obsessed with learning everything about trading penny stocks. I'm about to be a freshman in college and I plan on trading to pay off my college loans. Thought you were a fraud, but know see your helping give the chance for anyone to build their own future. Great vid

edssence/xzavier X.p.r rivera says:

wow I know how it feels to have a big gain and watched it disappear in an instant because I didn't know how to control my emotions of making that much money and thought it was going to continue grow.I made a mistake and was greedy it was my first time trading . I put my whole 14$14,000 and it doubled to $28,000 soo quick . that's when etrm went crazy in the beginning of the year. after that experience I was distraught and depressed for a month . I still think about how stupid I was for not selling right away .so after that experience i have been trying to learn as much as I can because I saw what the potential can be in trading .

Marco Harrell says:

Great Video Tim.

Rob Bradley says:

He's blowing up. Sooner or later, he's blowing up. xD

Eli Ubrew says:

wait tim so if i subscribe to your videos, will they teach me how i can also turn 4000 into 180,000

CyberWookiee says:

'Trade like a sniper'… Says it all really.

Pang Houa Yang-Yip says:

Congrats Roland Wolf! Thanks Tim Sykes and his crew for posting up the video

Nathan Ruiz says:

Hell yeah I love this shit !!

Andy Liu says:

what was the links for the DVDs?

Heinz19946 says:

can enyone tell me what is the ticket trades about?? and where can i see it?
i am spanish and my english is not that good yet, buy the things that i understand really makes me want to know

Jennifer Komondy says:

Can I ask if Roland is using StocksToTrade scanning software?

ethan Andino says:

Awesome video always learn something new even with interviews. thanks Tim and Roland

Mitch Taylor says:

Let him speak, Tim. Lol

Nebderf 350zHR says:

Roland's gain ratio is incredible he'll be a millionaire student in no time. The info he offers is literally what you preach to your students EVERY DAY. The formula works.. what you guys teach and do works and this proves it. Can't believe that he gained this much so soon. Inspirational.

MrsLilLady86 says:

A million thanks to both of you!! This video was such a blessing! I was a web developer, but now a stay at home mom, also 31, and I'm learning so much thanks to Tim. Tim your content is getting better too. DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T BLOW UP! Love it, that's going on my wall!

ray v. says:

Very inspiring!

Azharul Chowdhury says:

you talk too much, let the other person finish what they are saying

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