My Student Who Has Turned $4,000 Into $222,000 Recaps His Recent Trades

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My student Roland is truly on fire as I interviewed him at when he was just passing $133,000 in profits and now he’s made nearly $100,000 the past 2 months alone!


diablosmvpGQ says:

What trading platform is this?

Nicholas Law says:

Awesome job roland?? more videos pleeeease

Endre Mato says:

I love the way he explains himself/his thinking/his strategies and the reasons for his trades. Thank you!! Please continue to make more of these video lessons!

Wahid says:

Your patterns and his hard works pays off !!! EXCELLENT stuff !!!

JeffreysWorld says:

Hey Tim I'm halfway through with with your How To Make Millions dvd. After I'm done with it, what should I study next?

Adem Ozirmak says:

THANKS FOR SHARING TIM!! Still learning and applying ALL your strategies here on the ASX! Market for me opens in about 8 hours though I need sleep badly!!!! Will continue where I left off. Much appreciated and WELL DONE ROLAND!!! Smashing it and inspiring from so far away as I am in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA!

Susan Jenkins says:

Great recap on biotechnology.

Dave Dunne says:

Not exactly a pennystock though. Too much for the rest of us

The Great Dsize says:

Rolands on a role Timothy

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