My Thoughts While Looking Out At Tokyo

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I just recently took my family to Asia to visit several schools my charity is building, this view from my hotel in Tokyo inspired me to share some thoughts so I hope it inspires you too! Go apply at if you want to become my next millionaire student


Sloan Tennant says:

Ive watched this 4 times in the last day. Even went to the gym last night for the first time in a week. Have been profitable since it clicked on what was going on after I almost blew my account up in two months. Im almost back to where I started at 2k. I am understanding my strategy and my window which is why It took me so long to understand what I was doing wrong.

Sloan Tennant says:

I want to see how you treat both accounts. a 5k and 1 mil account is gonna be awesome to watch!

Jeremy Willyerd says:

I've been studying for the past 2 months and I think I am going to paper trade for 5 months or more, until I am consistently profitable, then I'll start with the $5,000 I have in the bank.
So I have a question. When do you think that you would start with $5,000? Cause I'm very interested to see how fast you can grow that account.

Remote Neural Monitoring Archives says:

How long did it take to get that high.

rividizd says:

this gets me so pumped! thx tim!

eralec says:

Yes a good idea with the two accounts

KrissHermus says:

I like the diversification in account size you're planning to do next year!! The view you showed in this video is truly inspiring!!! Thank you for everything you do!!!

chroNick546 says:

hey Tim. I'm from Tokyo and lived there for 18 years. if you have any questions about it or want advice let me know

Noah Jackson says:

Thanks a lot, very cool!

Reubens car showroom says:

good idea as it allows students to prepare for the future

BLknOUT says:

how can I get in the chatrooms

CwhatiC says:

5000 small account would be perfect

pepinelduro says:

yes, two accounts will be good for next year.

vuthy srey says:

one 5k account, one 100k, and one 1m. Those numbers are more common for

Daniel_St 87 says:

@timothysykes thanks for the awesome view and for the motivation.

andre chinnery says:

Yes Perfect Tim! 5000K account and a $1 million dollar account !

renell brenskill says:

Small account/Big account, excellent idea!

aslkfja says:

Love your videos and webinars. Never miss one.

alexin andre says:

Thank you sooo much for this vid!! I am looking forward to seeing how you trade with a $5,000.00 account, cuz ima start trading with a $5 – $6,000.00. About the million dollar account idea, i think that is a good idea cuz it will create a great balance of practical trading and expatiation for a small account, and the tremendous possibilities by having a big account.

Prophet Guru says:

"you think money doesnt make you happy? skip paying rent for 2 months and see if you be happy" (Mike Tyson)

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