My Top 3 Stocks Are Green | Live Trading Pre-Market

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L M says:

How do I buy less then one bitcoin please help! Got 5 gs want bitcoin now.

Alex Wilson says:

What platform is he trading penny stocks on? I’m unsure of what platform to use

Gallardo983 says:

so do u only trade 3-5 stocks all the time?

Yo Stop says:

What about gopro?

David Dole says:


Tyler Ploss says:

what program do you use to monitor stocks.

Fedor Amuricano says:

Please make a very very very PENNY STOCK analysis, most of us here are trying to start with $1000 or $500.. .. but the stocks U do analysis on are too expensive for us
Thank you so much man, You are the best.. im glad i found your channel the first day i started learning about stocks trading, no other channel has since won my heart

Jason Asugui says:

Ricky, besides your self knowledge, do you recommend other traders you look up to? & are there any books that you would refer to your team? Thanks bro! 🤘🏽

MannyMata96 says:

I just recently ran into your channel trying to get Into trading and I seen a couple of your videos for about a week but now I'm officially subscribing. Good Work and nice videos

Paul Crews says:

What do you invest in when it's Cryptocurrency. What do you think of Cryptocurrency Lending?

Travis Williams says:

What so you personally think about SPI

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