My WORST Fear on Bitcoin Has Come True

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My worst fear on bitcoin has come true. Here is why as I explain in this video about the recent crash in bitcoin and the previous bear market. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani

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Alessio Rastani says:

Thanks for watching guys. In case it was not clear to some people what the "worst fear" part was – which actually is VERY CLEAR and OBVIOUS in this video: I was referring to the fact that the majority of people have learnt NOTHING about the lessons of RISK and RISK CONTROL. Absolutely nothing. Most folks will repeat the same mistakes they made in late 2017 and in the Summer of 2019. Having no respect for RISK, no exit plan – and worst of all, NOT listening! Which explain why they probably could not understand what I was referring to in this video. I know that you understood what I meant – but some folks clearly did not. Thank you.

avalon1957 says:

When you predict all possible scenarios, eventually one of your scenarios will be true, at least for a brief moment

Erik Mollema says:

Thanks again for your analysis. Let it be a great lesson for the majorities. Keep up the good videos.

Alt Coin Maximalist BTC is just a PROTOTYPE says:

This was a click bait title Alessio.
However, I think you're entitled to do it.
Just indicating because you said you'd never do that 2 weeks ago, was it?

Samuel Henrique says:

5:51 it is so painfull when i dont see a pullback and the market just going away…

Erik Stetina says:

I am here for tech 🙂 you dont lose if you dont sell 🙂 i am glad for this drop -> more time to accumulate btc

Yang Liu says:

That's exactly what your average property investors will do, chasing trends.

Tyler Maugle says:

Guys I have about 35k to invest… What's the best sound advice to get in with this amount.. I've heard about cost averaging so with a down trend what % of this amount should I be doing and over how long ?? FYI never bought crypto just been saving for years !!

FYI I like a 3k entry point, but I think that's unlikely to be fair..

Tyler Maugle says:

I do believe the mistake is only confirmed once u hit the sell button.. if ur in this for the long run it won't matter !!

StephanK330 says:

Mr Rastani. With all due respect where do you think bitcoin will move in the next few days-week. Below 6000k? So we know when to stuck up some bags 🙂 thank u!!

Tyler Maugle says:

Bitcoin has gone up and down for years.. if it goes to 3k I'm all in no matter what Happens.. I've missed multiple rises over the years now just watching.. could have made tens of thousands so far..

marlo Tree says:

It's the central crypto exchanges that are rigged… the sooner we use decentralized crypto exchanges and trade services and products in bitcoin, this will allow bitcoin unhindered growth and free market flow…. If you are afraid of every wind of change in decentral crypto, stay a slave to the utterly toxic fiat!!!
Warning: it gets in your bloodstream…

Learning Now says:

Good video Alessio but no one exactly knew where btc was going back then! I think hodling btc is the better strategy than trading! Anyway great point by advising not to chase the market!!

Mark Isaac says:

Im sick of this market its totally unpredictable, no one has a clue whats going on. Whats the point of learning chart analysis when its always breaking structure.

Procks says:

and whats you greatest fear on bitcoin? damn clickbait, one more of those and i'm out

Aerial says:

You have no idea wtf you're on about. This isn't fiat dumb shit. We're on the cusp of a new era. BTC will go up and it'll stay there once the Government has their share and systems in place for regulation. It's right around the corner. Military, shipping companies, whole fucking countries are converting to BTC…Don't give me this bullshit about BTC crashing, they're simply greedy fucks buying and selling…Once BTC becomes the world reserve currency after the fiat collapse and currency wars begin between countries, BTC is going to Mars and staying there.

René Bijloo says:

This is only for traders, not for investors and Hodlers. Hodl and everything will be fine in 2-3 years.

Aerial says:

Stfu…BTC is going to the fucking next galaxy. Its being forced down on purpose by Government so they can buy up and force all you clowns to sell it. Banks are buying it for a reason.

glad mono says:

Why don't you do any videos when to get out of the markets instead of commenting what can happend xxx months later….u are a funny man….a real joker….

Артем Шатохин says:

Hate your headlines

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