NASDAQ Feels the Fear

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The handful stocks leading the market higher got rocked on Friday. The asset rotation game continued as money got pulled from the major tech stocks into the financial and energy market. In this crucial weekend update we answer the real question – how much longer can the market play the rotation game and when will correlations return? For those of you with less than 15 years of trading experience you have never seen a market like this. That is why at TheoTrade we insist on our instructors having at least 15 years of experience because they’ve seen at least 2 distinct market cycles. The last time I’ve seen a market act like was in 2000 right before the so called .com crash. Today’s market moves much faster thanks to high frequency trading and algorithms. Watch this weekend edition so you’re prepared in the week ahead. With risk comes opportunity and you don’t want to miss this… Also, join our TheoTrade team for a full day live trading & coaching open house on Tuesday, June 13th. Register here:

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