Nasdaq Technical Analysis (NQ) : A Light in the Fog… [04.18.2019]

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edward gofsky says:

Great video, I enjoy your Elliott Wave analysis.

tclapson says:

never fails to annoy the f%$£ out of me !!! lol I feel ya frustration!!!

Razer Blade says:

The C wave of this crash to come will correspond with the C-wave of the oil crash to come. Time to accept the global economy is not well as oil represents that.

Mike 21 says:

i only trade crypto. but i watch for all the little tips you hand out… thanks sam… always open to learn something new.

fernando chaco says:

am i a pessimist if i say wxyxz X wave ? thanks sam good to see your thought process. very helpful.

Athan Thompson says:

Good stuff Sam, thank you

Razer Blade says:

Wrong. The low of 2009 was the start of the 0 to the 1 in first quarter 2010 followed by a pull back to the 2 in mid 2011 when it comes to the larger degree. Again, we have still not completed the 4 in the larger degree.

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