New Advances In Order Flow Analysis For NinjaTrader 8 Day Trading Futures

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In This Training, You’ll Discover An Easy Way:
To Trade With Order Flow Trends.
To Easily Detect Market Weakness.
Master Trading Current Value.
Easily Identify Aggressive Trading.

How order flow analysis will help you in your trading:
Order flow analysis gets the trader as close to what is happening in the market as possible.

Gauge the tendency a market will continue in a direction. New trading activity (volume) is what is going to move the markets.

Have better, more complete information than 99% of the traders out there who are only looking at open, high, low, close and may volume at time. See what other traders are not paying attention to.


Patil Ravikiran says:

It works..!!👍

thushar kiran says:

Order flow it doesn't even make sense 🤣

nimitz max says:

show us your live trades using order flow … this is all after the fact—- meaningless

Aki says:

‘Traders’ that make videos and fill them with adverts?? Red flag.

Angel says:

Hello Mike

How can I get update from OFT 2.0 to OFT 3.0?
Best regard

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