NEW – Harry Dent – Stock Market Crash & US Ecomony Predictions in 2017 – Sell Stocks NOW

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What will happen in 2017? For Economic, Gold, Silver Prices, US & World Economy, Debt, Dollar, Currencies & Stock Market Predictions on Collapse, Crisis and Crash by Top Economists and Investors – Please see my channel for more outlooks and forecasts!


Edward Owens says:

So I check the comments now and that way avoid these liars who repost other peoples stuff or repost their own crud as something new.

never gonna subscribe or return to this channel

Guy Azbell says:

Stock market def will crash when the Kenyan has n.y. nuked and blames Russia which is now actively being planned God have mercy on all of us.

salvatore Perna says:

What do you buy in a crash

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