New Ninjatrader Brokerage Reviews: Is The Futures Industry Ready?

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The New NinjaTrader Brokerage Reviews:

A review of the new Ninja Trader Brokerage. Ninja Trader and Mirus Futures have officially merged to create a platform and brokerage combination. Very similar to Tradestation. Now NinjaTrader and the new NT brokerage will offer the most competitive commissions in the industry.

This is absolutely unprecedented and they have now become the most competitive emini futures brokerage in the industry. Mirus futures has always been a good broker to have when it came to futures brokerages. There was a bit of a hiccup when there was a situation with the Zen Fire feed at the beginning of this year. Now however, they are backed up by one of the largest charting platforms in the world for futures. NinjaTrader has also started to expand to other markets included Brazil to be able to trade local markets. This is a tremendous advantage to be able to access local markets.

We have been looking to start developing the Congressive Trading Strategy for other markets overseas including the Brazilian BOVESPA exchange. Many of us at DTA have had accounts with Mirus for quite some time. Now with the new lower commissions they will become the cheapest emini brokerage in the industry.

There will be new reviews coming out for the NinjaTrader Brokerage shortly as more and more people will look to take advantage of the new discounted rates. We have been using NinjaTrader and Mirus for quite some times.

Our new Ninja Trader Brokerage reviews the new commission structure. NinjaTrader is already known to be one of the foremost platforms to use in the industry. Mirus Futures has already been a great broker. To team up and provide the combined services allows Ninja Trader to officially compete against Tradestation.

If you are a new trader we would highly recommend starting with NinjaTrader because you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. We show in the video that you will be able to save between $2,000 to $3,000 in commissions. This is compared to Tradestation which turns out to be much more expensive especially with their monthly fees. You have to have a brokerage account with minimum $5,000 in funds in order to avoid the extra charges. Even with a brokerage account a trader will have to pay $99 a month for the platform. One must also consider that Tradestation charges data fees.

The new Ninja Trader Brokerage and new 8.0 platform will be impressive and provide a formidable trading platform for years to come.


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agauerm says:

Hi mate! I narrowed my options for a new platform and broker to ninjatrader. Are you using their own brokerage? Is it good? Do they offer realtime market data, with no delay? Are they true ECN? Thanks

Morgan Jaye Williams says:

Brokerage has gotten greedy with fees and has robotic email support. 4 yrs customer and horrible support.

BradSk88 says:

Giving that you're making videos about day trading and claim to do day trading yourself, I find the low audio/video quality of this video a bit suspicious.

If you were doing well from day trading, couldn't you afford to use better equipment?

Steve G says:

Hey Marcello, have you tried Ninjatrader 8? I am using it right now in Sim mode. I heard people are having problems with it. I was wondering if professionals such as yourself have made the switch yet.

Taras Makoviychuk says:

whats the minimum amount of money do i need to buy a contract of ES future for example?


Levkin says:

Marcello,  this is one of the best videos explaining how the whole platform works.  Thanks.   Coming from a FOREX account where everything was already setup for me, (charts, MT4 platform, news, etc), this was somewhat confusing with how all of this works. 

Did anything change in a year ?   I know NinjaTrader is offering two brokers if you decide to go with their own "package".  I don't think I saw Mirus any more.   I just want to trade the E-mini SP500. 

I still don't understand how much "flat fees" I'll end up paying per month at the offer they currently have.   Can you update ?

Neil Brown says:

Hi Marcello , Im about to open a ninja account, but should there be any concern that they do not use the same type of chart as your using on trade station.?

mjablo says:

What about stocks. which broker do you recommend?
I am looking for not expensive broker (small beginner account).

Jana Vaas says:

Hi Marcello,thanks for sharing,it will would be very helpful if you could make
available the "excel" sheet .

James Edwards-Marche says:

Hi Marcello, have you looked into leasing a seat on the CME?

I've seen leases for as little as $1800 for 6 months- being a "Rule 106.D Lessee" gives you a $0.685 discount between the CME Globex and Clearing fees per contract per side without including the volume discount ($0.185 when >151 contracts traded per month)….

So, assuming 20 trading days in a month with 3 trades per day using 10 contracts, you'd make a saving of $822 without the volume discount ($0.685 X 2(sides) X 10(contracts) X 3(trades) X 20(trading days)).

But as you'd have traded 1200 contracts you'd end up with a saving of $1044 (above calculation using $0.87)

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