Next up – FOMC – How will markets react?

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windows says:

I've become bullish!
No it was a joke. I still have a target at 2100 for the s&p500. And it's optimistic considering the current interest rates.

Mehmet Kanik says:

Here a question: Can we relate the downtrend in cryptocurrency with the strength in the stock market?

Mehmet Kanik says:

"If the trend changes, I will let you know." This is amazing David. You really want people to make money in the market. Thank you!

James Bond says:

Thanks for todays video…you are accumulating lot of good karma! 🙂

Hugh Black says:

excellent ! as always!!!!

Steve Colton says:

good stuff David. Think your spot on where things look like there headed.

John Edward says:

Could you explain the "hot zone" in oil the you have referenced several times?

jim a says:

Hi Dave, It is time to accept the reality of the situation, by that I mean the Macro picture. This market is marching higher, S&P 2900 and then 3000 by mid-term elections. No amount of analysis, fundamentals, trade war, Fed rates, or even geopolitics will alter that course. Corporate America is on a rampage and determined to defend Trump's agenda vs Democrats. Please relax and enjoy the ride, cheers and merry Christmas !!

Andrew Conte says:

Couldn’t agree more. Huge market melt up. I positioned back in November using calls for a run into the fall of 2018. Everyone thought I was crazy when I was buying Amazon $1200 October 2018 calls when it had fallen in November 2017. I still have those calls and I fully expect to have a wind fall on Amazon alone. There is too much cheap money out there, low rates, central bank propping up the markets and a monster tax cut! Ultimately, I do expect consumer debt, and more importantly, corporate debt and the bond market all to blow up …but not for another year or so. Until then, buy the dips. But I love the analysis Dave. As always.

Rxlyz Cxlyz says:

Thanks what do you think of dbx

John ORourke says:

David….i trade the SPX…can I use the 2750 level for the SPX instead of the 275.45 …thanks for your videos

Peter Wang says:

Thanks again for an insightful video David! I watch your video every night and taking notes haha

BASHERJR88 says:

What’s to stop the Fed from letting inflation run scolding red hot and really get that market up. If the stock market is the most important thing (even though it’s claimed not to be), how far will they go. I agree with you that the charts are bullish and you have to follow the charts but it’s just disappointing that its come to this. At some point you have to say, what will be the carnage that those in their 30s like me will have to deal with when the gambling binge runs its course and basically leaves us with a dying carcass of a destroyed currency to clean up. Yes, we will be bullish because of charts but do these people know the damage they are doing? Thanks for the great work though on teaching the technicals. Keep it up!

MoctezumasRevenge1 says:

I watch your work 100% the way through, twice.

Bill Murphy says:

that's found you, excuse me 🙂

Bill Murphy says:

Thanks David, another excellent and thoughtful presentation. Greenspan's "exuberance" comment was made in "96, I believe? I heard it. That was 4 years before the 2000 crash. He was right, but way too early.
Keep up the great work, I am grateful to have fo
und you, thank you!

deadeyeventures says:

Fed raises rates, Gold moves up for a couple of weeks. Easy trade. I've also been adding Uranium mining companies, price can't stay this low for ever, right?

Sam says:

The market was indeed very quiet today. Only some stocks were moving up significantly such as Tesla and those in earnings.

G L says:

Thank you David. What do think about NQU18 on bullish side?

William Magoo says:

Hmmm double doji?!?!

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