Nifty Expiry Day Strategy | 29th October 2020 | Theta Gainers

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Expiry day strategy plan for tomorrow with all the data points explained with charts and OI.

Nifty Expiry Day Strategy | 29th October 2020 | Theta Gainers


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Bank Nifty Expiry Day Strategy | 29th October 2020 | Theta Gainers

Disclaimer : These all are my views and just for educational purpose when taking any trade please do your own research and trade with your own risk management and responsibility.

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nirmal patel says:

Mera 1lac ka he to kitne lot se hoga weekly?

ambarish mohanty says:

Try to bring strergy for within 10lakh.

A Cty says:

​​tomorrow, 29th October, probable NIFTY :- from 11,578 to 11,900 . And BANK.NIFTY :- from 23,785 to 24,695

Hamza Qureshi says:

Sir yeh sab kal kuch kaam ana wala nahi hai kal bohot volatility rah na wali hai or

Bittu sahu says:

Mujhe bhi lgta hai ab dow Nifty ko copy kra h

bhavin shah says:

Nice video 👍👍👍

be happy says:

Do we have to buy all the strike prices of same quantity?

Raja Rajeshwar says:

Ye Jo opstra analytics ka link kholte ho usme subscription karni padti Kya ?

Rohit Awasthi says:

Sir aapka number mil sakta hai, kuch baat karni hai.


Thanks bhai

S Dua says:

who is your guru ? confidential question kya ? awestruck with your knowledge.

Asheet Sinvhal says:

THis time US election results will be delayed as the most of the states are having mail -based polling system rather than polling booths. As the mail in ballots take time to count,recount, so the results of elections is expected till december 1st week. Source: The Daily telegraph,UK

Abtar says:

Awesome Reyaansh bhai . Keep the good work

Hiren Thumar says:

In reality premium prices will be very less on Thursday which lead to less profit and high loss

jeetesh tekwani says:

bhaiya aap lucknow se hai kya?

Divyesh Srivastava says:

what will happen if I buy out of the money call option a weak before expiry and on the expiry date there are no buyer ..and I don't have money for physical settlement.

Dreams Come True, Wishes go waste says:

Thank you Sir🙏

Abhisek Bhattacharya says:

SirJi…. The knowledge you are sharing is worthful. No one can pay for it. This is true. Learning the right thing. True knowledge you are sharing. Thanks for being with us. Helping us. Will follow thsi tomorrow with small quantity. Will keep you posted. Hope for a good expiry. Thank you SirJi.

tricks mail says:

Nicely explained… Thanks for such informative videos

Jitendra Saha says:

Superb, thanks…for helping.

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