NIFTY Iron Condor Strategy | Zero Loss Options Strategy

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NIFTY Iron Condor Strategy | Zero Loss Options Strategy

Master Options Strategy Course video

The Master Options Strategy Course

This is not just an Option Strategy but a complete
system that Options Trader needs to Succeed.

Who can take this course ?
– Full time Trader
– Working Professionals who have little time to
trade during market hours
– Anyone who is passionate about options trading
and wants to create wealth in long term by
Options Trading
– This is positional strategy and so no need to
monitor the trade minute by minute

Master Options Strategy Course
– It is the combination of two Different option
– Strategy one is Delta Neutral options strategy
where we hedge nifty options with Banknifty
options with unique concept
– Strategy two is Directional options strategy with
clearly defined entry and exits

Both the Strategies when used simultaneously produce best results.

Capital Required to trade the strategy is 2.2 Lacs.
You can Expect 40% to 70% Returns Annually. It is Genuine Wealth Creation Strategy for Long term.

Basic Knowledge of Options is required to take this course

Course content
– Introduction to the basic options concepts that
we will use in strategy.
– Strategy one and strategy two explained in
– Learn the Concept how we have minimised the
risk and maximised the profits with this combo
– Complete Back testing of the Strategy From
July 2019 to August 2020.
– Each and every trade of past 14 months is
explained in detail with Excel sheet as well as
candlestick charts.
– You will get the back tested Excel sheet to learn
and verify the trades
– Video Course contains total 10 videos with
more than 3 hours of content

Offer Course Fee : Rs. 649/- ( For Limited period )
Regular Price : Rs. 999/-

contact us on

Use the given link to enroll

You can now open Trading and demat account with the most trusted brokers in India


And get 20% discount on existing as well as all future courses

Equity Cash Intraday strategy

Dear friends welcome to our YouTube channel Equity Family. Dear friend you will get videos about nifty and Banknifty option strategies. Options Trading is the best way to generate regular monthly income and we will keep giving you nifty, Banknifty and sometimes stock options strategies to generate monthly income.


Nifty options strategy
Banknifty options strategy
Zero loss option Strategy
option strategies to generate monthly income

Content in this video is for educational purpose only, please consult your financial adviser before you trade.


Swapnil Sonje says:

Excel sheet please

ஶ்ரீதர் Sridhar Rao says:

Nice video! Since the market correction, if any, is not likely to be significant, I would recommend a simple bull put spread. Sell 11300 PE and Buy 11100 PE. Wait for the market to show its hand – either a rise or consolidation. If NIFTY reaches 11800 or goes above too quickly, go for a bear call spread (Sell 12200 CE and Buy 12400 CE).

Kailash Verma says:

How can u ontact… Plz give me ur contact no.

bhavin shah says:

Good video…but you teach good with exel sheet…it's easy to learn and understand… thanks

Lucky Vyas says:

What if market goes down towards 11000 ?

Ram Kumar says:

Have requested for support on my monthly position, kindly respond as I have taken your master strategy course. Thank you

Vijay Kumar B R says:

If nifty breaks 11200? without going upwards at all

Manas Ranjan says:

Plz explain in Excell sheet

Michael Vlogs says:

Thanks for your vedio

Mouli Dharan says:

Will it work on weekly expiry???pls tell sir

Sandesh m m says:

Can you create video for weekly deployment of iron condor or ironfly with adjustment?

jatin ramaiya says:

Bank nifty monthly strategy ki update video?

madhukar sharma says:

Thanks for adjustments

Ankit Mahajan says:

Wow!! Great adjusment

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