nifty option buying strategy | best nifty option trading strategy

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nifty option trading strategy for best profit, no technical indicator needed very simple strategy to earn good profit, watch full video to get complete information how to get best. earn regular/monthly income.


Meman Aspak says:

Your two videos i watched ..paper trading 7 days…then i call order nifty…profit 13000….till…now….budget only 7000 and two day profit 13000…bank nifty call 10150….thank you…sirji…please upload video on…how to select strike price to maximize profit according to spot price

Jigar Shah says:

When it take position in both call n put ..means at morrning time ya at closing time..n another is after book 1 position, when will take next position..? Bro give the answer

Jigar Shah says:

Bro, pl. Give some superb stock options stratagy..

subojit chowdhury says:

kab 1000 point jump mara bhai sensex

Jigar Shah says:

It looka very attractive..lets back test..but logically it looks good


Nice strategy

Kanhu Mohapatra says:

It will not work every time…

girish dubey says:

Kresh nahi crash

Sujan Pal says:

sir nothing new , by nature market trending only 3 months and rest 9 months its keep range bound in a year , so in this strategy trader may get only 30 % wining chance , still appreciate your effort .

Srinivas Ghanathey says:

He is comparing CE with low price and PE with high price
Options are mostly used to hedging for huge quantity stocks but if you are very sure then good money can be made

anil negi says:

hello mr ashutosh this is not a strategy its a gamble, currently u are experiencing huge volatility in nifty which do not happen always, if nifty does not move in any direction your both call and put will be in loss


No body can be profit in options buy at the end of month.. options are to hedge ur portfolio.

Vimal Khokhariya says:

Yeh sab market open hai tab dekhe ke market jab bandha ho ne vala tab tya market colse hone ke bad

Vimal Khokhariya says:

Bank nifty main isha kar skte hai ?

Inder Pal Singh Monga says:

Sir can I get ur number pls

Satish Tambe says:

How do we sell back the options we bought at high/low prices?

Sandip Kumar Singh says:

Live me kar ke dikhao भाई

Paresh says:

Thank you for sharing !

Nirmal Gopinath says:

Sir, don't we need to check the Delta value of the options?

akexpert says:

How many days we need to hold the trade?

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