NinjaTrader 7 Introduction

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This NinjaTrader presentation will explain the following features:

Fast execution through leading edge trading screens including ChartTrader.
How to eliminate emotions through semi-automatic Advanced Trade Management technology.
Advanced charting with multi timeframe/instrument analysis.
How to implement your ideas as automated trading systems and custom indicators.
How the trade simulation environment improves your trading skills risk free.
Using real-time market scanning to seek low risk, high reward market opportunities.
How to fully automate, backtest and optimize your personal trading strategy.
NinjaTrader is still free with over 300 plus enhancements.


Barbara Wilkinson says:

how can I delete info on chart when trade has completed?

Simpetinin Abdoul KONE says:

Hi need help. I closed one window of my workspace. How can i retrieve it?

starbuck77777 says:

I have been following along with you step by step. 12 minutes into the video you are looking at a bar graph and I am looking at a blank white screen. I think I should be looking at Es 3-16

frank299 says:

Helpful video. Thanks
What video covers Strategies ? How to setup and test a Strategy?

Daniel Welsh says:

I want to do simulations. I guess they call it paper trading but this video is for intermediates not beginners

chatowngeek says:

you need to go to the indicator directory and pick up and existing indicator file and start modifying or write your own code on cSharp(C#). not very criptic if you have programmers background. However nowadays lot of ninja indicators are available all over the net.

malthus101 says:

Can I use Ninjatrader 7 to trade options through IB?

SuprBen says:

how do i create a new ninjascript? its really frustrating me!!

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