NinjaTrader 7 Tips – How To Download Market Replay Data

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This video demonstrates how to download Market Replay data with NinjaTrader 7. NinjaTrader 7 is an award winning end to end online trading platform for discretionary and automated trading for stocks, futures and forex.

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Omar Alejandro Sosa says:

I have a serious problem with the replay! I can simulate just one day and when i simulate another day( for example the day next to the last one replay) the previous simulated day is erased from the account performance!! help me

Jeff Hurd says:

Actually you have to download into historical data first, I think it will only accept downloads from ninja then to replay, The only ones I could get to work were from the default, They could have made it a whole lot easier. Ninja 8 is worse.

Pablo David Clavijo says:

"there is no l1 replay data for that instrument/date" what should i do?

Novice Sim says:

@NinjaTrader7 admin, I wish to know how far back does the Market Replay data for using Ninjatrader(example: ES, using Ninjatrader as a source for the download replay data) ?
by the way, which products only in futures NinjaTrader provides free data replay?
Can we backtest simultaneously two futures products at the same time?

Thanks a lot

Cirbots says:

The replay doesn't seem to work well.
It needs to be played at 20x to even move at a comparable speed to the real market.

Anthony Pham says:

I want to download data for a new currency pair. When I go to utilities, the download data reply is greyed out. How do I stop this so I can download new data?


how do you download on mac?

Mathieu Bouvier says:

For the love of god, let us download a data range !!! day by day is ridiculous

NerdSweeper says:

Is there a way to download all the currently available replay data from kinetic without having to manually select which stock/market and day individually?

thehatefulnerd says:

All right, but it would be AWESOME if you could go back that far. LOL. How far back does it go, if I may ask? As far back as we still have charts in our software? It's definitely downloading and running the data. I just can't load it into charts. Thanks anyway though.

thehatefulnerd says:

I'd like to replay and take trades on data from last September. But I don't have the CL 10-11 chart pre-loaded into my ninja trader. So how would I get that chart in there, so as to be able to trade that data? I can trade the past couple of month's data I suppose, because I already have those charts loaded, but trading in September is very different than trading during the summer. Thanks.

cago82 says:

Hi, a great feature! But can you make public a list which stocks are supported? KGC for example doesn't work… best regards

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