Ninjatrader 8 Ninjascript Programming Basics: Data Structures

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Data structures allow you to organize data for faster processing and display to the user. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to use a simple C# Dictionary to organize data to show a distribution profile. All we have to do is use the OnBarUpdate method to insert data into the structure. The OnDraw code will draw whatever you put into the structure making modification of the indicator easy. You can extend these programming concepts to any other kind of C# data structure.

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Carlos Yanez says:

Hi Seth, Excellent thank you for sharing it.

I'm trying to make a Volume profile but without success.

Can you please give me a hand with this?

Thank you in advance

John Moss says:

Hi Seth, excellent presentation and diction. Very helpful. Have been working with algorithms for 2 years now of increasing complexity. Now learning coding discipline and starting from somewhat of scratch. You mention ideas on this particular indicator so thereto:
1) My mantra is nothing holds true until proven statistically through quantitative analysis, which is the hunt of this game we play. // Caveat before I start off on my hunches 🙂
2) Specific to equities & such here, long behaviors appear to play differently than short, in that days when the market is heading south, price action is more violent or stressed in terms of temporary range. If true, this indicator can be enhanced possibly by adding a check box to show only longs or shorts, and having two instances on the chart in separate panels? I am quite fond of the use of cumulative delta slopes and overall current location, i.e. market southbound and cumD in the -6000 territory for example. If so, we should expect shorter ranges on opposing entries to market sentiment and set targets accordingly? I suspect each respective panel would yield range-biased results predicated on sentiment.
3) Looking forward to more of your work. till next sir…

miki Baer says:

More ninjascript tutorials for beggingers..Learned alot from what i watched from you so far

Alessio M says:

Thank you Seth, been looking for these sort of videos for a while. See you in the stream Monday

SpeculatorSeth Day Trading says:

What ideas do you have for stats we could create distribution profiles for? Let's see what ideas we come up with.

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