Ninjatrader 8 Ninjascript Programming Basics: Key Functions

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Ninjascript can be intimiating, but C# code is not difficult to read. In this video we go over some of the key programming functions you’ll need to be familiar with to create indicators in Ninjascript including OnStateChanged, OnBarUpdate, OnMarketData, OnMarketDepth, and OnRender.

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Shaista parveen says:

hello sir i want code for- i want create a strategy in which find difference of two data-series means i am using two different instruments like 6E 12-19 & 6B 12-19 for same period and find difference of these two data . please share me on mail-id:

M. Emmam says:

AddPlot() nt8, allows pull down menu to select different color, how is an external variable represented in such manner. example, in a single selection, yes, no, remove. all in one external variable. programming. thank you.

thedailypine says:

Hello, I see you specialize in Ninjatrader… Sierra Chart has an automated trade entry and exit… Would be great is someone could actually explain how to use it!

eszbwin says:

Hi Seth,,,NT8,,, is there anyway to extract the actual Delta for the Bar Type that I am using? Then apply it as a parameter for a strategy… As in,,, the last bar had positive delta, so if this condition, then Longs are valid…. Just thinking of some uses.

Coldice1975 says:

Hello… another video that would help is Ninjatrader 7 Strategy Builder. With NT7 strategy builder, there is no way to add a second time or data series. Like a 1 minute chart then checking the 5 minute chart direction… You can build a strategy, but you'll need to change the access the code to add the second data series… I've been asked for this a lot… Maybe show how to build the strategy and then go into the editor and change the ninjascript:)

R ZH says:

Thank you seth

Greg Orlowski says:

Nice short instructional video showing the layout of a Ninjascript. NT8. Thank you!

Ace Trades says:

Thanks so much!!

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