NinjaTrader 8 – Playback

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In this video, the NinjaTrader Playback connection is discussed. Playback allows traders to replay historical market events at any time at various playback speeds.

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Daryl Haaland says:

For some reason I'm able to change the date but not the time of the playback window. I've switched off the "replay current day only " button but for some reason cannot replay from a starting time of ANYTHING other than 10:00:00 PM on any given day. What am I doing wrong because this seems odd, when the NT7 playback menu was so seamless to use. (and yes I've tried both scroll up scroll down on my mouse, manually re setting the time by typing, as well as the arrow up and arrow down buttons as I tab through the time menu to change the time.) I want to be able to set a specific time easily so I can do testing through specific hours of course and this seems like it might be a bug of minor flaw in this installation here.

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