NinjaTrader 8 – Playback

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Mike S says:

Can you use the DOM with historical playback? I want to practice my DOM trading skills.

Phil Mckenzie says:

I follow the directions and when I click on market replay to show the data I have downloaded there is nothing there. What should I do?

Dhaams Invincible says:

i get error : " There is no market replay data available for the instrument/date" How can i resolve this error? waiting for ur reply…

unnamed ZZ says:

Thumbs up due to the feature, which is very handy, although as 2J3T said, the instructions are pretty poor. You never showed how to show that chart and if it comes from a different section (as it is saved and not live) or rather the usual way to open a chart has to be used.
That's important as I tried to download data from CC, and nothing showed up, but it worked for others. I do know know if there was no data for CC or it is just a glitch.

Kind regards.

Jet says:

Hi the instructions in this video aren't that clear, after following the instruction in the video data on charts does not appear still, do we connect to playback connection? how do we open the chart? I tried but I still cannot have any data appearing on my charts.

Still new to ninja trader though!

Mahmoud El kadi says:

how can download intra-day data for stocks , is it free or it cost money because I only have access to the daily chart is opening for stocks

gonzalo abduca says:

How can I download data from FDAX 9-16 contract

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