NinjaTrader 8 Vs MetaTrader 4

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FULL LIST: Leave a comment if you can see anything missing here:
NinjaTrader 8:
– Free for charting, building strategies etc, demo trading etc
– You can trade different instruments and markets (forex, stocks, futures etc)
– Support for Multi-Monitor Setups
– Supports tabs and not just dockable windows
– Most configurable platform in all areas
– Flexibility to choose different data feed providers
– You’ll probably pay less using NT8 to your broker (depending on your selection this could be very cost effective)
– Best platform for backtesting data
– Can connect to much larger and bigger brokers
– Built in scanner with the market analyzer
– Clearer charts and with their directX integration you can do some really cool visual effects
– Hot Keys for drawing tools and charting
– Trade execution is quicker and more reliable because you can connect it to a larger broker

MetaTrader 4:
– Easy platform to get started with and setup
– It’s a free platform to trade live
– A large community of vendors and developers
– Easy to pick up with a pretty low learning curve


fandi alamak says:

Is there a significant difference/accuracy in the live data feeds between the two platforms? Is it possible to do charting and research on NT8 but trade live on the MT4/5 platform? Like a bridge software perhaps? I trade the Forex markets. Thanks XABCD.

Mahmoud Al kadi says:

Regarding the simulated mode in NT8 how can i move only 1 bar in the replay mode ? It is annoying that i cant customize the speed .

Lucas Lippincott says:

is there a purpose for them to use direct x for their chart? response time maybe?

Sean Hooker says:

i want to learn nt7 but so comfortable with mt4.. what is the best in the long run

Jeremy Smith says:

curious…why not do the MT5 platform rather than the MT4?

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