NinjaTrader Programming Learning Curve – What You Need to Know

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An overview of the knowledge you need to program indicators and automated strategies in NinjaTrader. The video addresses trading, C#.NET, .NET Framework, and NinjaScript concepts required to meet the task. Sources of such knowledge are identified as well.
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mbrazio1 says:

Hi Scott, If I want to write a plugins for NinjaTrader like Jigsaw, OFA and Auctions Dashboard I can use C# do to it? Thank you Marcos

Geetha DV says:

when the launch pad NT8 Will come .

Maks Kozyrev says:

Thanks a lot for that work u done and clearly explain to all of us. So big thank you from Russia 😉 if u have time do some more real examples.

fgronning1 says:

Hi Did buy you book and if was among the very best help I have received. It saved me lots of time. Just wish here was one for NT8. Any Plans??? Please….

Goodoboy TheMan says:


Great video and I will check out your book.

Where does a newbie programmer using NinjaTrader find trading strategies to practice and testing? Is there another book you recommend just for lots of practice?

Also, is the trial version of NinjaTrader the same as the purchase license version?


Mr International says:

hi I have a question, does this coding considered to be algo trading? does constitutes algo trading? and is this when writing code for trading does this designate you as a quant? thanks. I would like to receive your training.

Jon Traderfx says:

Nice one Scott, Any plans on a multicharts version

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