NinjaTrader Unplugged Series #4: Up Down Volume

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In this video of the ongoing Ninjatrader indicator series, Michael looks at possible rules based ways to trade using the embedded “Up-Down-Volume” indicator included with every NinjaTrader indicator package on the platform. Traders are encouraged to examine this mechanical method, and determine if trading with these NinjaTrader indicators warrants more research and possible use in their own personal trading plans.

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Gabriela Herbei says:

Hello. could you please write which setup values you used to get the bars like this?I try with the default values and something is not correct. I always have bars more than 200, almost all bars are the same… thank you very much

lowphatz says:

if im not mistaken it's just a regular volume indy that has the same color as the candles. if your only using the color then your really just looking at the first red candle which has nothing to do with the vol. also the arrow would be on the next candle because a candle has to close before it's considered a green or red.

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