No Commission Trading – Where's the catch?

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This week, all major brokerages announced “No Commission Trading”

Interactive Brokers started 2 weeks ago, and this week Schwab announced zero commission trading as well.

This pressured TD Ameritrade and e-Trade into action, and now they are offering no commission trading, too.

But is this a good thing?
And where’s the catch?
How do brokers make money if they don’t charge for commissions?

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Mani G says:

Thanks for the details..

Peter Beckel says: has been offering 1.00 option trades since conception. and zero to close… they also give away their trades and teach you how to trade., which is more important….. They do ok with the float as well just like any other brokerage company. 1 or 2% float on a billion dollars is 30-60k in interest per day!

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